Swinging Cafe Doors offer a large selection of Sliding Barn Doors and Swinging Barn Style Doors. We can custom make them to your door opening size. We offer barn door styling with the function of a double action hinges or sliding barn door hardware.  

Whether you choose a sliding barn door or a swinging barn door, barn style doors are the latest trend in interior doors.  We offer many wood options including painting and staining. 12 Ways to Design with Barn Style Doors shows both sliding and swinging barn doors. 



British Brace Barn Doors | Barn Style Doors 30", 32", 36" Door Opening
BRITISH BRACE BARN STYLE DOORS - SWINGING BARN DOORS fits 30", 32", 36" Door Openings x 48" Tall Purchase includes a pair of doors as shown in the image. Door height will measure 48". Barn Style Door Features • High Quality Saloon Doors are 3/4"...