Bommer 7012 Non-Adjustable Spring Pivot Hinge | Saloon Door Hardware- Alternative to 7112

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Hardware Type:
Swinging Door Spring Hinges
Door Width:
Up to 18 in
Door Width:
Up to 24 in
Door Width:
Up to 26 in
Door Width:
Up to 30 in
Door Width:
Up to 32 in
Door Width:
Up to 36 in
Door Weight:
Up to 18 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 30 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 50 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 75 lbs
Hardware Finish:
Hardware Finish:
Hardware Finish:
Satin Chrome
Hardware Finish:
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Door Thickness:
3/4 in-1 in
Door Thickness:
1-1/16 in-1-3/8 in
Door Thickness:
1-7/16 in-2 in
Door Thickness:
2-1/16 in-2-1/2 in

Bommer 7012 Non-Adjustable Spring Pivot | Double Action Saloon Door Hinge

This hinge is used for swinging doors up to 75 lbs.  

• Max Door Size:
    • 36" Width
    • 2 1/2" Thick, not less than 1"
    • Up to 75 lbs
• Top pivot with Bottom Jamb Bracket
• Flat Jamb Bracket fits Jamb not less than 1 1/4" Wide
• Non-Adjustable Spring Tension-Factory Pre-fit Spring Tension
• Double Acting. self-return to center 
• Cast Steel Mechanism
• Steel Frame and Trim
• Anti-friction Bearing
• Non-handed


Bommer Industries Builders Hardware Division continues the trademarks of quality and innovation that were founded in 1876. The Bommer brand has been the original standard of excellence since 1876. Bommer offers high quality Double Acting Spring Hinges, Specialty Door and Gate Pivot hinges. Bommer hinges are widely recognized as a leader in quality hardware. Bommer hinges are designed for high traffic areas with long lasting durable hinges. When you specify and purchase Bommer products, you can be assured they are "Made In USA".   Swinging Cafe Doors offers a wide range of Bommer products as stand alone hinges or with our custom doors.

Hinge Instructions

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Hardware non-returnable. One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects (product evaluation required).