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Professional Staining | Finishing- Lacquer Stain Finishing and a Top Coat

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Professional Finishing Services

We use Minwax stain and then give two top coats of lacquer to ensure a long lasting durable finish.  This will save you time, sending you a ready to hang set of saloon doors.  Please choose from the Minwax offerings above.  The colors shown are for reference purposes.  They have been reproduced using digital production techniques.  Stain colors may vary slightly. Please enter your stain color selection above. We can stain Red Oak doors only.  These are example of Minwax stain on Red Oak. 

natural-209.jpgNatural 209

golden-oak-210b.jpgGolden Oak 210B

provincial-211.jpgProvincial 211


red-oak-215.jpg   Red Oak 215


puritan-pine-218.jpgPuritan Pine 218


ipswich-pine-221.jpgIpswich Pine 221

sedona-red-222.jpgSedona Red 222


colonial-maple-223.jpgColonial Maple 223


special-walnut-224.jpgSpecial Walnut 224


red-mahogany-225.jpg    Red Mahogany 225


early-american-230.jpg  Early American 230


gunstock-231.jpgGunstock 231


red-chestnut-232.jpg   Red Chestnut 232


english-chestnut-233.jpgEnglish Chestnut 233


cherry-235.jpgCherry 235


fruitwood-241.jpgFruitwood 241


golden-pecan-245.jpgGolden Pecan 245


pickled-oak-260.jpgPickled Oak 260


driftwood-2126.jpgDriftwood 2126


dark-walnut-2716.jpg   Dark Walnut 2716


ebony-2718.jpg Ebony 2718


jacobean-2750.jpg Jacobean 2750


weathered-oak-270.jpgWeathered Oak 270

classic-grey-271.jpgClassic Gray 271

 honey-272.jpgHoney 272


espresso-273.jpgEspresso 273