12" Old European Style Iron Push Plate

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12" Old European Style Iron Push Plate with Rough Textured Surface

Inspired by hardware of 16th-Century England, this rustic, 12-Inch Old European Style Forged-Iron Decorative Push Plate is ideal for Tudor, French Country or other romantic, European-style homes.

• Hand Forged Iron for Authentic Appearance
• Lacquered to Preserve Finish
• Heavy Duty Thickness
• Romantic Style
• Hardware Included
• 12" in length
• 2 1/2" in width
• 1/8" thick

Swinging Cafe Doors offers a large variety of push plates with many finishes to choose from. We offer push plates in various heights and widths. Push Plates are normally attached to doors that automatically close or feature a pull handle on the opposing side. They will protect the finish of your swinging doors.  The plates are also an easy to clean surface.