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Swinging doors have been used for centuries.  And they are still in style today, Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer a wide variety of swinging doors for your home today.  Swinging Café Doors is a small business that specializes in swinging doors, swing doors, double swinging doors, or swinging saloon doors. The doors are made in the USA and are offered in a wide variety of unfinished wood, painted wood, and stain wood options.  You can customize the swinging doors to fit your current opening.


What are swinging doors?  We are glad you asked…swinging doors can be a single or a set of double doors that is on double action hardware.  This double action hardware allows the doors to swing in either direction and self return to the center.  Swinging doors do not require a frame like traditional butt hinges.  The installation of a swing door is easy and can be completed with a few simple tools.  Wood swinging doors are meant for interior use but can be used in a wide variety of settings including commercial and residential spaces. Swinging doors are just one of the many interior door styles that are trending. 


Some of the most common spaces for swinging doors are kitchen, pantry, butler pantry, closet, bathroom, basements, bedroom, pet gate, restaurants, commercial kitchens, or bars.  Once you have determined the perfect location for your swinging interior door.  The next thing is to think about the design/style of the swinging door you prefer.  Swinging doors are no longer boring and only look like a wild western movie set.  Today’s swing doors come with modern elements like glass, traditional elements like a raised panel, barn style detailing, or contemporary shaker panels.  Swinging Café Doors offers over 80 designs of swinging doors, we will have a design that will be perfect for your space.  


Best Applications for Swinging Doors


Swinging Kitchen Doors

Whether you are looking for restaurant swinging doors or residential swinging kitchen doors, we offer both with a wide selection of options to choose from.  These doors can be single swing door or double swing doors. The door(s) will help to separate the space between the kitchen and dining room, providing privacy for the kitchen or bar.  In commercial application doors are required between the kitchen and dining room, our doors are great for separation of space, plus will help with noise and smells.  These doors will still allow ease of access between the two spaces.  A simple push of the doors will allow them to operate, no need to open a doorknob or pull the doors toward you.


Pantry | Butler Doors

Swinging doors are an excellent option for pantry doors.  These doors can be made to be full length or half doors.  The door’s height is a customizable option on our website.  With swinging doors as pantry doors, when you have your hand full you can simply use a finger, elbow, or hip to engage the doors to open.  The swinging doors will also automatically return to the closed position, so the pantry will not be visible.  Most hardware also has a hold open feature, which allows the doors to be pushed and held open when needed.  After returning from the grocery store, you can restock the pantry with ease.  


Swinging Closet Doors

Closet space is important to every home.  Swinging closet doors will allow for more storage space in your closet.  The double swinging doors can swing outside of the closet and will take up less space than a traditional single butt hinge door.  Extra closet space can be utilized to organize your home better. Swinging closet doors is a great way to add an accent to your space, the doors can be painted to match the wall or a bold new color to draw extra attention to these fun doors.


Bathroom Swinging Doors

Need more privacy in your bathroom…swinging bathroom doors can be the answer.  These swing doors can be used to create a water closet or added to the master suite bathroom. The doors offer an easier installation than a traditional door and will require less spacing over for the doors to swing and operate.  Master bathroom doors are one of our most popular applications for swinging saloon doors.


Glass Swinging Doors 
The addition of glass to our swinging door design has been the hottest trend in the past couple of years.  These swinging glass doors will allow you to create separation but have an overall open look.  Swinging Café Doors offer a wide variety of clear plexiglass, frosted plexiglass, clear safety glass, frosted safety glass, and decorative glass on request.  These french glass swinging doors will add an elegant modern design to your next project.  A great option to allow for some separation but maintain an overall open feel to the adjacent space. 

Pet Gate | Baby Gates
Pet gates or Baby gates can be stylish swinging doors for a more permanent application. These doors can be installed toward the bottom of a door frame to make a gate. The gate will help to separate the pet/baby from an insecure or dangerous location. These gates can be secured with a sliding bolt latch or ball latch, the doors will be a secure gate.  These gates can be made in several designs and almost all of our swinging door designs can be installed as a gate.  There is minimal clearance with most double action hardware. 


French Doors
The beauty of French doors makes them a top designer choice for decades.  Sliding French doors can be hard to operate, but swinging French doors, are a great option for your interior door openings.  Modern French doors will have a single panel of glass and will allow light to traffic thru both spaces. 


Restaurant Swinging Doors 
Double swinging doors are very popular in restaurants.  Swinging Café Doors offer a wide variety of door styles and sizes for restaurant doors.  Most of all our door designs have been used in residential applications.  Most of the most popular door designs for restaurants is the Maritime Porthole Doors. 


Single Swing Door Vs Double Swinging Doors
Which is better a single swing door or double swinging doors?  Both doors will accomplish the same goal but the atheistic is different.  Think about the overall door opening width, the swing of the door(s), and the look you are trying to achieve.  If the door opening is narrow a single swing door maybe work better in your opening vs double doors.  Single doors will take up more space as they swing open.  For example, a single swing door for a 32” door opening will measure approximately 31-1/2” wide, vs double doors for a 32” door opening will measure around 15-1/2” wide.  (These measurements are approximate- when building swinging doors, we build according to your door opening size and hardware selected) So the difference between the width of the swing is something to consider.  Single swinging door hardware options are more limited than double swinging doors. Most people prefer double swinging doors, these doors will swing back and forth, then return to the center closed position. 


Swinging Cafe Doors specializes in swinging doors, saloon doors, and double action hinges.  We will be happy to make your swinging doors dreams come true.  We can help you design, customize, paint, and build the perfect swinging doors for your application.