Swinging Doors for 24- to 36-Inch Openings

Swinging doors are the most practical solution for improving space and traffic efficiency in commercial and residential applications. In bars and restaurants, these doors provide ample space for customers and staff to pass through and are great for enhancing privacy and airflow in your space. In your home, swinging doors are significantly beneficial when moving from one room to the next when your hands are full of other items.

At Swinging Café Doors, we're proud to offer one of the market's most extensive selections of doors for 24- to 36-inch wide openings. Our knowledgeable team has decades of combined experience designing doors and helping customers choose the perfect solution for their applications. Because our doors are custom-manufactured to your precise specification, they are always a perfect fit.

Types of 24- to 36-Inch Café Doors We Offer

Many of our swinging doors are customizable in various widths, with heights up to 95 inches. Some of our most popular café doors come in 24-, 30- or 36-inch widths. Our designs allow you to choose from various wood species, including oak, cherry, poplar, maple, and more.

Common swinging-door design styles include:

  • 24- to 36-inch saloon doors: We offer saloon-style doors in single- or double-swinging designs. Our most popular models are double-swinging doors because they require less space for a full range of movement. These doors come in an extensive style and color range to meet your unique design preferences. 
  • 30-inch interior doors with glass: Glass doors offer a sleek, modern look compared to the rustic appearance of most traditional swinging doors. Glass doors are typically full-length, as the glass enables people to see traffic coming from the opposite side. Our customization capabilities allow us to use various sizes of glass panels and configurations for different door widths.
  • Raised panel café doors: Our raised-panel doors feature handcrafted designs from the finest natural woods. Raised panel designs come in various species, colors, and finishes and are ideal for spaces with traditional or classical themes.
  • Porthole doors: Porthole doors have many benefits, from allowing extra light into an adjacent room to creating a nautical illusion of being on a cruise. We offer porthole doors in single- or double-swinging designs in a broad material and color range.
  • Barn-style doors: Barn-style doors are a growing trend in swinging door design, whether you want a farmhouse look or a unique door to stand out in a contemporary setting. Full- or partial-length doors are available with various materials in single- or double-swinging designs.

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