6" Double Action Spring Hinge- 4.5" Door Flange | Saloon Door Hinge

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Hardware Type:
Swinging Door Spring Hinges
Door Width:
Up to 18 in
Door Width:
Up to 24 in
Door Width:
Up to 26 in
Door Width:
Up to 30 in
Door Width:
Up to 32 in
Door Width:
Up to 36 in
Door Weight:
Up to 18 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 30 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 50 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 75 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 90 lbs
Hardware Finish:
Primed for Paint
Hardware Finish:
Satin Chrome
Hold Open Feature:
Non-Hold Open
Door Thickness:
1-7/16 in-2 in
Custom/ In Stock:
In Stock

6" Double Action | Acting Spring Hinge-4.5" Door Flange Replacement for Bommer 3029-6x4.5 hinge 

These hinges are sold individually. Manufacturer suggests to use 3 hinges per door. The center hinge should be installed as close to the top hinge (see instructions) for maximum support.  Hinge capacity decreases as door height decreases. A direct replacement for the Bommer 3029-6x4.5 hinge, for 1-3/4" thick steel hollow metal doors. All hinges are ANSI template.  A standard swaging of our standard weight full mortise hinge when closed to parallel position will provide a 1/16" clearance between leaves.

This hinge is a 6" double action hinge that is spring loaded and can be used in many application such as: a cafe door hinge, swinging door hinge, saloon door hinge or a gate hinge. Door flange is mortised into the edge of the door. Jamb flange is surface mount and applied to the door jamb. Great hinge for hollow metal door or wood doors. 

NOTE: Wind conditions, excessive air pressure, use of gasket for smoke or sound protection may prevent door from latching.

• Double action spring hinge which swings door(s) in both directions, and self-returns to center
• Door Flange Mortise Type (edge of the door) for use on Hollow Metal Doors (4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Template Hole Pattern) 1-3/4" thick steel doors or solid wood doors
• Jamb Flange surface applied to jamb, no hanging strip is required on the grame.
• Non-Beveled Edge on door required
• Adjustable spring tension returns door to opening at desired force
• Commercial Grade
• Prime Coated for Painting and Polished and Plated Chrome finishes available
• Fits door up to 1-3/4" thick
• Holds Doors up to 75 lbs and 2'8" (32") wide – requires two hinges
• Minimum Door Height 7'0"
• Doors up to 107 lbs. and 3'0" (36") wide – three hinges

Other Specifications:

Height of hinge:
    Jamb Flange: 6.00 for 6”
    Door Flange: 4.50 or 4 1/2”
    Jamb Flange: 1.750 for 6”
    Door Flange: 1.650 for 4 1/2”

Jamb Flange - .100 ± .005 for 6”
Door Flange - .134 ± .005 for 4 1/2”
Barrel Diameter: 1.180

DA-81 Series Maximum Door Sizes and Weights
Series: DA-81 6 x 4.5
2 Hinges:
    Door Weight Lbs.: 75
    Door Width: 2’-8”
    Door Thickness: 1 3/4”Lbs.
    Door Height: 7’-0”
3 Hinges:
    Door Weight Lbs.: 107
    Door Width: 3’-0”
    Door Thickness: 1 3/4”Lbs.
    Door Height: 7’-0

Hinge Template