8" Cast Iron Slide Bolt Latch

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8" Cast Iron Shutter/Door Slide Bolt Latch

  • Cast Iron
  • Powder Coated Black Primer Coat
  • Dimensions 8.75" x 2.00" Throw 1.625"
  • Hardware Included
  • Rated For Outdoor Use- "Weatherwright" coating ensure long life in harsh outdoor environment

The 8" Slide Bolt can be seen on our Cedar Doors below (also pictured with 2 sets of Black Plate Arrow):

Cafe Door Cast Iron Latch

The purpose of a door latch is to hold doors, windows, cabinets or shutters in a closed position. The design allows the door, cabinet or shutter to be secured on one side and easily unlatched when required. Slide bolt latches are a great solution for interior doors or outdoor gates. This is a fairly common latch type.  

The bolt slides into the lock of the latch thus engaging the slide bolt latch.  The slide latch allows for the gap in the middle where required for swinging doors or gates have. The slide bolt latch can be engaged from one side only but can be placed at the top so it can be reached from either side.  

John Wright products are durable for an harsh outdoor environment with their "Weatherwright" coating.  These slide bolts also have an anti-rattle spring that prevents the bolt from making noise in the wind.