5 Benefits of Saloon Doors in an Office: Social Distancing

5 Benefits of Saloon Doors in an Office: Social Distancing

On 23rd Mar 2023

5 Benefits of Using Saloon Doors in an Office, Including Social Distancing 

There are many benefits to saloon doors. This guide lists 5 benefits of using saloon doors in an office, such as social distancing.

You will most likely spend 90,000 hours of your life at work. Shouldn't it be a place that you enjoy going to?

Office layout has a big impact on an employee's well-being. It should be comfortable to work in, easy to get around, and help employees collaborate and communicate.

COVID-19 presents challenges to working in an office as well. Employees need to feel safe and supported.

Swinging cafe-style doors might just be the upgrade you're looking for. Here are five benefits of using saloon doors in an office you might not have considered.

1. Create Open Boundaries

Swinging saloon doors create a boundary in a doorway. Unlike a regular door, they create an open environment.

You can easily swing them open to reach out to the other side quickly. You can also install a half door or put in windows for both clarity and privacy.

2. Ease of Use

Saloon doors open quickly with minimal effort. If you're carrying heavy items from one place to another, you don't need your hands free.

Swinging doors open in both directions so traffic flows easier. No need to close them behind you, they do so automatically.

Don't bother with handles or turning door knobs. Instaling cafe-style doors makes it easier to get around.

3. Install Quickly

It doesn't take much time or effort to install saloon style doors. Even if they're custom made for wider or more narrow doorways, they're still easy to set up.

They're just as easy to repair as they are to set up. You might like them so much at work that you'll want to install them in your home office.

4. Control Traffic

While swinging doors allow traffic to flow easier, they can also create a bit of a pause at the doorway. This helps you control traffic and make people more mindful of their space.

If people keep colliding at a corner or there's too much traffic in one area, putting in bar doors can be a great solution.

These saloon doors can be great to add a barrier between employee spaces vs consumer spaces, keeping your employees offices safer, cleaner and most importantly social distanced.

5. The Safer Option

Swinging doors are perfect for minimizing what's usually a high-touch area.

Swinging doors can be opened with elbows, shoulders, or even your foot. No need to keep touching handles and knobs and creating germy areas.

If needed, you can easily prop them open. These types of doors provide a barrier between areas while still reducing the contact people have with high-touch surfaces.

Benefits of Saloon Doors

These are just five benefits of installing saloon doors in your office. You're sure to discover more after you put them to work for you.

They're one of the easiest options for providing a barrier while not impeding traffic. You can still communicate and see easily through them.

Best of all, they're a safe option in today's world. The less germ-ridden surfaces we touch, the better -- and healthier -- we are.

Ready to try out swinging doors in your office? Reach out to us any time for a quote or to look over your options!