Cafe Doors \ Saloon Doors | Sliding Door Latch, Nickel Finish

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Cafe Doors \ Saloon Doors | Sliding Door Latch, Nickel Finish 

Multi-purpose hardware for Cafe Doors, Saloon Doors, and Gates.  Nickel finish; die-cast zinc material.  This sliding latch offers a unique locking feature for security.

Applicable on wood and metal doors and surfaces.

• Nickel finish
• Hardware made of Zinc die-cast
• Easy to use
• Door / Gate Latch easy to install
• Unique sliding feature
• Flush or corner mount
• Long extension arm which allows hardware to reach over molding or trim
• 2.5" length
• Latch prevents forced entry
• Latch allows viewing and ventilation without unlocking

The purpose of a door latch is to hold doors, windows, cabinets or shutters in a closed position. The design allows the door, cabinet or shutter to be secured on one side and easily unlatched when required. Slide bolt latches are a great solution for interior saloon doors and outdoor gates. Slide bolt latches can be locked and unlocked from one side only. This is a fairly common latch type.

The bolt slides into the lock of the latch thus engaging the slide bolt latch. The slide latch allows for the small gap in the middle that normal swinging doors or gates have. The slide bolt latch can be engaged from one side only but can be placed at the top so it can be reached from either side.