Commercial Swinging Doors 

Commercial Double Swinging Doors

Swinging traffic doors are crucial for commercial operations like restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies. These double doors are ideal for dividing large spaces into sections to control traffic flow and reduce noise. From separating a kitchen from a dining space in a restaurant to dividing a storage room from a merchandising area, double swinging doors solve the challenges of many commercial applications.


Installing double swinging doors enables your business to operate more safely and efficiently. Since you can open these doors from either side, you don't have to worry about congested traffic. In addition, high-quality swinging doors feature premium materials that enable years of continuous use in your high-volume establishment. Swinging Cafe Doors are a great alternative to Eliason Doors.  Our doors are beautiful, double swinging, and offered in a custom sizes.  Swinging Cafe Doors does not offer impact-resistant doors. 

Swinging Cafe Doors vs Eliason Doors

The selection of commercial swing doors at Swinging Café Doors includes designs that fit in openings of various sizes, offering limitless choices to help you find what you need for your business. Our doors are high quality and easy to open from both sides, allowing for smooth and reliable operation. Window options on these doors help reduce accidents in areas with low visibility. High quailty double action hinges are available for single or double swinging doors. 


Double doors offer a cost-effective solution for larger entryways requiring two-way movement. Double-action hinges ensure smooth and reliable service in almost any commercial setting including kitchen doors. Plus, our commercial swinging doors are designer choice.  Our doors are perfect for changing or replacing your current kitchen doors, because they can be made for an door opening size. 


Several examples of the types of commercial swinging doors we offer include:

  • Full-length swinging doors: Full-length double swinging doors are popular among business owners for their functionality, versatility, and style. These designs come in various sizes and finishes, perfect for applications like kitchen entryways and office entrances.
  • Saloon-style doors: Businesses like cafes and restaurants often choose saloon doors to add a rustic or traditional look to their space. We offer these doors at various heights, enabling you to decide how much of your entryway you want to cover.
  • Glass panel doors: Glass doors can enhance a business by delivering a sleek, modern look, whether in a small office or an upscale restaurant. Our experts can customize a glass door solution according to your specifications, regardless of your entryway size.

Benefits of Partnering With Swinging Café Doors

At Swinging Café Doors, our team aims to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering top-class customer service and design expertise. Our state-of-the-art facility near Pittsburgh allows us to service customers across the country. Our products contain only premium materials and durable joints, enabling our doors to provide many years of reliable service.


Additional benefits you'll experience when partnering with us include:

  • All our double swing doors are manufactured locally in the United States.
  • Our doors feature some of the industry's most exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Our experts have decades of combined experience in structural entry and hinge design.
  • We're a small business that can provide the individualized attention you deserve.
  • We earn some of the industry's highest customer satisfaction ratings.
  • We offer free shipping throughout the USA.

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Swinging Café Doors can handle all your commercial swinging door needs, whether you require a standard swinging door design to improve efficiency or a customized wooden door to spice up a room's aesthetics. Explore our comprehensive door selection and place an order today for speedy delivery. Join a live chat or call 855-343-4903 to obtain additional product details.