Door Pulls for your interior doors. These pulls | handles are available in a variety of finishes and types. Barn door handles are very popular with sliding barn doors. These are also perfect for interior swinging doors. 

Modern Door Handles | Barn Door Pull Handles

Modern door handles have come a long way from traditional door knobs. One popular option is the pull door handle, which is sleek and simple in design. For a rustic touch, barn door pivot hinges and rustic barn door handles can be used on sliding doors to create a farmhouse style. Custom door handles offer a unique touch to any entryway, and there are various options.  Sliding door knobs are also a great option for modern homes with a minimalist design.

How to Choose a Barn Door Handle or Pull

Door pulls come in various styles and serve different purposes. When it comes to closet doors, closet door pulls are commonly used to provide a convenient grip for opening and closing the doors. These pulls can come in the form of pull handles, which offer a more ergonomic design for easy gripping and pulling. Inside door handles are commonly found on interior doors within homes and offices. They are typically installed on both sides of the door and provide a comfortable and easy way to open and close the door.

Improve Door Security With the Right Hardware

For exterior doors, sturdy and durable exterior door pulls are essential for withstanding the elements and ensuring security. These pulls are often made of materials such as stainless steel or brass and are designed to be resistant to weather and corrosion. Choose a quality door lock set for a secure entry.

Barn Door Handles and Pulls for Every Home Style

Barn door hardware pulls are popular for rustic and industrial-style interior doors. These pulls often feature a robust design and are used on sliding barn doors, offering a unique and visually appealing accent to the overall door design. Circle sliding doors, also known as round sliding doors, are a stylish and modern option for room dividers or closets. They are often equipped with specialized circular door pulls that complement the door's design while allowing for smooth sliding functionality. Closet door handles and closet door knobs are other common options for closet doors. Handles offer a more substantial grip, while knobs provide a smaller, more compact option. The choice between handles and knobs often comes down to personal preference and the overall aesthetic of the space.

Best Style for Handles and Pulls

Regardless of the type of door or door style, door pulls play a crucial role in enhancing functionality and aesthetics. They provide a practical means of opening and closing doors while adding a decorative touch to the overall design of the space. Door Pulls can be used with many hinges options including saloon door hinges, spring hinges, cafe door hinges, pivot hinges, and double swing or double acting hinges.

Use your personal style to select the perfect style make sure to select the best hardware finish, the most popular finishes currently are brass, satin chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. Back to back door handles are perfect for doors that swing in both directions and allow doors to swing open and return to a closed position. Pick the best pull door handle today.

Door pulls come in various styles and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Pantry door pulls, such as pantry door handles, offer a convenient grip for easy access to storage areas, while barn door hardware for cabinets brings a rustic charm and space-saving solution to interior design. Designer pull handles elevate the look of any door, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall decor.

Handles for pocket doors are essential for smooth operation, allowing discreet sliding without compromising on style. Large round door pulls are not only visually striking but also offer a substantial grip, making them suitable for heavy doors like patio doors. These pulls seamlessly connect the indoors to outdoor spaces like a patio, enhancing the flow of your house.

Whether for a main entrance, interior door, or garden gate, a well-chosen pull handle not only enhances functionality but also complements the overall design aesthetic. From sleek modern designs to intricate wooden creations, pull handles are versatile and practical elements that contribute to the character and ambiance of a house.