Exterior Doors- Swinging Saloon Doors 

Outdoor Saloon Doors

Saloon doors have come a long way since their rise to fame in the 18th century — and these beautifully designed doors are now back in style. However, instead of being a popular choice for saloons, they are mostly used in commercial spaces and interior home designs. 

With various design applications, one of the unique ways these salon doors are used is for outdoor shower enclosures. Swinging Café Doors offers a range of durable and stylish outdoor saloon doors. You can find a door that suits your needs from our exterior swinging door collection.

Exterior Swinging Door Options 

Our exterior swinging doors feature double-action hardware that enables the doors to move in both directions, opening from either side and returning to the center. We offer outdoor saloon doors that come in various sizes, colors and designs. 

Whether you want traditional saloon doors or doors with farmhouse design features, we have several options to complement many styles. With sizes ranging from 38 inches to 48 inches in height, you can choose doors that offer privacy but still allow plenty of natural light into your space. 

Exterior Swinging Doors for Outdoor Showers and Bathrooms 

One of the best applications for these outdoor saloon doors is using them to enclose an outdoor shower at the beach or residential property. Outdoor showers are often used for rinsing off after a swim in the pool or at the beach. In homes, exterior swinging doors can add a vacation-like feel to your outdoor space and be used as a convenient place for bathing your pets.

The bi-directional hinges of our stylish outdoor shower doors allow for easy access into the enclosure. The doors' ability to open inward and outward is also great for saving space. These exterior swinging doors are made of weather-resistant material as well, enabling them to withstand the effects of the elements and excess water from the shower. 

Benefits of Our Outdoor Saloon Doors 

When designing an outdoor shower enclosure, choosing the right doors is crucial to the visual appeal and functionality of the space. Our outdoor shower doors offer the following benefits: 

  • Easy to clean: These exterior swinging doors can be cleaned with an all-purpose household cleaner. Gently wipe them down with a wet sponge or cloth. 
  • Environmentally friendly: If you prefer eco-friendly doors, you'll be happy to know that our outdoor saloon doors are made with recycled materials. 
  • Weather resistant: Our exterior swinging doors are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. When exposed to humidity or water, they will not warp, rot or delaminate. 
  • Durable: These doors are made with HDPE plastic lumber which is a highly durable and long-lasting material that is corrosion-resistant. It also doesn't fade, enabling you to enjoy the beautiful design and color for years to come. 

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If you're looking for durable, stylish weather-resistant doors for your exterior showers, Swinging Café Doors is here to help. All of our doors are made in the USA and crafted with elegant designs that can enhance any space. Browse our selection and purchase your exterior swinging doors today!