How do I measure total door opening height?

Depending on the hardware and door height combination you choose we want to verify it fits inside your total door opening height.  

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges mount to the side of the doors. They need minimal height clearance so only a total of 1/4" clearance is needed. (Available only in non-hold open) 

Commercial Grade Gravity Hinges

Commercial Grade Gravity Hinges mount to the top and bottom of the doors and require 5-1/2" of height.  We can notch the bottom of the doors and then you will need 3" of spacing at the top only. (Available in hold open and non-hold open)

Commercial Grade Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinges

Commercial Grade Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinges mount to the top and bottom of the doors. They minimize the space above and below the doors and include a hold open feature.  These hinges allow for the tallest doors. This hinge is available as a floor mount or jamb mount. The floor mount will have a smaller bottom gap of 9/16"; jamb mount bottom gap is 11/16". The doors will be modified to accept these hinges. (Available also in non-hold open) 

All gaps have a tolerance of +/-1/8". All hinges have a 36" max width and 90 lb door rating. 

If you have an arched opening you only include the height to the bottom of the arch.