Justor DA 180 Double Action Self-Closing Spring Hinge-Alternative to Bommer 3029

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Justor DA 180E Double Action Self-Closing Spring Hinge

These hinges are sold individually.

This hinge is a double action spring hinge with a self closing feature great for many applications such as: a cafe door hinge, swinging door hinge, saloon door hinge or a gate hinge.

• The hinge measure 7-1/16" tall, slim profile
• Door Flange surfaced applied to edge of door
• Jamb Flange surface applied to opening, jamb not required
• Non-Beveled Edge on door required
• Double action spring hinge which swings door both directions
• Spring Resistance +500,000 cycles, turn in anti-clockwise direction max 3 pin hole only. Turning more than 3 holes may result in damaging hinge.
• Non-Hold Open
• Commercial Grade, quick & simple installation
• Torsion spring not a coil spring, variable closing strength(speed)

Justor Hinge Template 

Justor Specs

Justor DA180 Sizing Guide

          2 Hinges Per Door 3 Hinges Per Door    
Justor Hinge DA180
      7 Inch 60 lbs 32" 120 lbs 35" Up to 1-1/2"
Justor Hinge DA180
      7 Inch 56 lbs 36" 120 lbs 36" Up to 1-1/2"
Justor Hinge DA180
      7 Inch 56 lbs 39" 110 lbs 39" Up to 1-1/2"