Single-Action Hinges for Swinging Doors

Single-action hinges are most common on doors that swing in only one direction. Also referred to as butt or mortise door hinges, single-action hinges typically feature two plates with a rod or pin acting as a pivot and will have an action to return the doors to the center. One plate screws securely into the door frame, while the other often sits in a mortise on the edge of the door. 

Interior doors that require single-action hinges, will mount to a door jamb/door frame for stability. Because of their high durability and simplicity, single-action hinges are perfect for exterior doors, including swinging gates. Several specialized styles are available, including spring-loaded pivot and butt hinge that automatically close a door. 

Types of Single-Action Hinges We Offer

Swinging Café Doors offers an extensive selection of single-action hinges to cover your indoor and outdoor applications, including several products from the Bommer Industries line and our own proprietary brand. These hinges come in several designs and colors, including stainless steel, brass and black finishes.

Popular options include:

  • Single-action pivot hinges: Pivot hinges typically install on a vertical axis at the top or bottom of a door and can often operate without a knob, requiring only a slight push to open. These designs are perfect for commercial applications with high traffic levels. 
  • Adjustable spring T-hinges: Heavy-duty adjustable spring T-hinges are ideal for utility doors, storm doors, gates and other applications needing a durable, self-closing hinge. Many of these designs are adjustable to change the hinge's closing speed.
  • Full mortise action hinges: When properly installed, full mortise spring hinges sit flush with the frame and the door's surface, providing a smooth, even look consistent across the entire structure.

Discover More at Swinging Café Doors

If you want to learn more about single-action hinges and other hardware for your swinging doors, the professionals at Swinging Café Doors can assist you. Our team has years of combined experience helping customers choose the most practical, reliable and cost-effective product solutions. Call us at 855-343-4903 today for more information.