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Trim Boards | Mounting Boards- Adds A Finished Look To Your Opening


Trim Board Upgrade

Trim boards will be made from the same material as the doors.  The boards will blend with the doors looking almost seamless.  Having the trim doors allows for you to fastened the doors to a wall (without a doorway) or just provide a more decorative look.  We can attach TRIM BOARDS to any doors listed on our websiteThe trim boards will be fastened to the wall; the door hardware will to be fastened to the trim boards.

Actual door width will be calculated based on door opening width entered with the door order.  We will build the doors to accommodate the hardware selected and trim board thickness. The trim boards are 3/4" thick a piece.

Example photo shown below (listing only for trim boards, doors purchased separately):


Trim Boards | Mounting Boards- Adds A Finished Look To Your Opening Reviews

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Great Product / Great Service

Posted by Doug Brookins on 5th Apr 2018

Our purchase is 5 Star + Satisfaction. Product is most beautiful & Shipping Pkg. was done w' great care. Only issue was the painting of the doors. The panels were showing original wood material, ever so slightly, where it joined the door. A simple touch up will do. Painting on a scale of 10 we'd give a 7. Otherwise this company provides a terrific product & we will purchase again.

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