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6" Double Action | Acting Spring Hinge Saloon Door Hinges (Satin Chrome)

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Hardware Type:
Swinging Door Spring Hinges
Door Width:
Up to 24"
Door Width:
Up to 26"
Door Width:
Up to 30"
Door Width:
Up to 32"
Door Weight:
Up to 30 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 50 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 75 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 90 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 125 lbs
Hardware Finish:
Satin Chrome
Hold Open Feature:
Non-Hold Open

6" Double Action | Acting Satin Chrome Spring Hinge for Cafe | Saloon Doors

These hinges are sold individually.

This hinge is a satin chrome double action hinge that is spring loaded and can be used in many applications such as: a cafe door hinge, swinging door hinge, saloon door hinge or a gate hinge.

• Double action spring hinge which swings door both directions then returns the door to the center (closed position)
• Adjustable spring tension returns door to opening at desired force
• Commercial Grade
• Satin Chrome Finish
• Fits door 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" thick 
• Holds Doors up to 75 lbs and 2'4" (28") wide – requires two hinges
• Holds Doors up to 125 lbs. and 2'8" (32") wide – requires three hinges

Hinge Installation Instructions

Hinge Template

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Here are a few reason to choose Swinging Cafe Door Double Action Spring Hinges:

Competitors’ Hinges

Swinging Cafe Door Hinges

  • Die Cast Hinge Design – Less Precise not as Strong
  • Columns are smaller at the top and bottom of the hinge
  • Critical Hinge Components made of Machined Steel producing a more precise and stronger design
  • Visually more appealing to the eye because columns are all one size
  • Highest Quality
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6" Double Action | Acting Spring Hinge Saloon Door Hinges (Satin Chrome) Reviews

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