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Installation Video of Cafe | Saloon Doors- Louvre Doors- 30", 32" and 36" Door Opening Sizes


Installation Video of Double Action Spring Hinges


When it comes to installing double action hinges, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure that your project is a success. Whether you're installing commercial door hinges, cafe door hinges, or saloon door hinges, the same general principles apply. The following videos will show how installed saloon door hinges both gravity and double action spring hinges, provide a door that swings in both directions and self-returns to the center. 

Double action hardware is a great way to create a unique and functional entrance to any space. If you're interested in installing these doors in your restaurant or cafe, but are unsure where to start, a helpful resource is a video tutorial that walks you through the installation process. The following video tutorial will show you what to expect when installing these double action spring hinges or saloon door hinges on Swinging Cafe Doors brand doors. The video tutorials will break down the installation process step-by-step, making it easier to understand the process and identify any potential issues. The video provides clear instructions on how to install the saloon door hinges and double action hardware and some tips and tricks to make the installation process easier, such as how to adjust the hinges to ensure the doors swing freely and smoothly. Aligning the doors and having them return to the closed position, might require some shims or adjustments. The hardware will allow the door to swing open and close in both directions, providing a great solution for common door openings. 

Whether you're installing saloon door hinges, cafe door hinges, or commercial door hinges, the process is fairly similar. Make sure that you have the right hardware for your project, follow the manufacturer's instructions, and take your time to ensure that everything is level and flush. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to install double action hinges with confidence and ease. Swinging Cafe Doors is proud to offer in stock many hardware options that you can choose to install a perfect set of double swinging doors. These videos will help to ensure you install your door correctly. Always refer to the manufacturer instructions on all included with your order for all spacing requirements and clearance necessary for your swinging doors or hardware. Swinging Cafe Doors offers a large variety of saloon door hinges, cafe doors hinges and double action spring hinges, these hinges all offer a self-closing feature and can swing in both directions, allowing for an easy flow of people in your space.

Swinging Cafe Doors Video- How to Install & Product Videos