Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I enter my door opening size? 
Use the drop down menu to select your door opening width.

How Do I order custom doors?

See video tutorial:


How do I measure my door opening?

Measure the finished opening (where you are going to install your swinging cafe doors) from inside edge to inside edge.  You want to measure your opening in at least two or three different places to make sure the opening is not larger in one location compared to another.  Enter the smallest number into the field "Door Opening Size Inches". 



When will my doors ship?
All orders are custom made to the exact opening size.  We ship 7-14 days after we receive your order.

Can I get my doors faster than 7-14 days?
Yes, give us a call to ask about our expedited shipping services, which are available at an additional cost.

What material is the best selection for my doors?
Since most custom options are hardwood and 1 3/8" in thickness, the answer will depend upon the finish you are planning for your doors.  If you are painting the doors, poplar is an excellent choice.  If you are staining the door, there are several options available: oak, sapele, pine, or ash.  We currently only offer our Professional Finishing on Oak.  If you are in need of Professional Staining on sapele or ash, please
contact us.

At what height should I install my doors?
For our standard height doors (38"), we recommend that you install them so that the bottom of the doors will be about 20" off the floor.

I would like something custom that I don't see offered on the website.  What should I do?  
Call us at 1-855-34-DOORS (36677) or Contact us

Will my purchase include one or two doors?
If two doors are shown in the photo you will receive two doors.

What are the differences between the hinges offered?
Standard Hinges-Use gravity to center the doors and can be locked open in either direction.  30lbs load rating.  Finish choices include Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Matte Black. 
Premium Gravity Hinges-Heavy duty design with no plastic mounting brackets. The included Delrin Top Pivot Bearing & Bottom Pivot Cams ensure quiet operation & long service life since there is no metal-to-metal contact, providing ample in and out lateral adjustment for a perfect door alignment.  50 lbs load rating.  Brass Finish only
Commercial Grade Spring Hinges-More robust hinge with springs to control the rate at which the doors close. The springs have adjustable tension.  We recommend these for high traffic areas.  They cannot be locked open, due to the spring.  Brass, Satin Chrome, Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish available.
Commercial Grade Gravity Hinges-Use gravity to center the doors with ramps built inside the hardware.  The doors can also be locked open in either direction.  Compared to the other gravity hinges, this design allows for more of the opening to be concealed by the doors.  This hardware takes minimal space, allowing for more of your opening to be covered.  The ramp is concealed and lubricated to provide long lasting service. 50 lbs load rating. Brass, Satin Chrome, Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish available.

How much is shipping?
Free Shipping within the continental US.

To calculate shipping outside the US:
Add door to cart, then Click "View or edit your card." Then click "Estimate Shipping & Tax" and add country, state, and zipcode to calculate shipping costs.

Still have questions:
Reach us via email at, or by phone at 1-855-34-DOORS (36677), or contact us through the website - by clicking Contact Us. Once we have received your message, we will get back to you within 24 hours, often within an hour or less.

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