French Doors

French Doors are a beautiful addition to your home or business.  French Doors are gone thru a wide range of design changes over the centuries. In the 16th and 17th centuries French doors were born in the Renaissance peroid.  These style door show the classical architecture of the Renaissance include symmetry and light influenced doors. The birth of French doors were large windows that reached the floor allowing natural light to flow thru additional rooms.


In the 18th Century ornate door influenced the French doors including intricate carving and decorate elements. French doors were added to homes, include country estates, and urban houses including garden and terraces. In the 19th century, French doors spread thoughout Europe and internationally. French doors were a large addition to commercial and residential spaces. 

Today spaces are perfect for French doors, the aesthetic appeal, practical functions, and interconnected interior spaces including patio, decks and outdoor spaces. French doors are a perfect door for most design styles including: modern, art deco, minimialist, and traditional styles.  The varies of material can make French doors perfect for your application.  French doors can be installed as interior doors, exterior doors, closet doors, pantry doors and bedroom doors.  The double French doors make a grand entrance and can still be energy efficent. 


French doors are blend of art and functionality, importance of natural light, and desire for harmonious connection between interior and exterior environments. French doors are not just architectural elements but also cultural elements. The enduring popularity reflects their timeless appeal and versatility in various architectural styles and settings.

Best Hinges for French Doors

Once you decide on a French style door, then you need to determine the best hardware option. 
-Sliding French Doors: Allows the doors to slide on track and doors will rest against the wall, no floor space need for swinging great for smaller spaces, closets or pantries.
-In Swing | Out Swing French Doors: Traditional door swing with butt hinges, doors will swing in one direction only.
-Double Swinging French Doors: Great for easy access between spaces, flow of traffic, and optional hold open feature. Perfect for pantry, closet, or small spaces