Hidden Invisible Hinges

Invisible pivot hinges, also known as concealed pivot hinges, are a specialized type of hinge designed to attach doors to their frames while maintaining a discreet and hidden appearance. Unlike traditional hinges, invisible pivot hinges are concealed within the door and frame, providing a clean and minimalist look. Here are key points about hidden pivot hinges:

  1. Concealed Design:

    • Invisible pivot hinges are characterized by their concealed design, making them hidden from view when the door is closed.
    • The hinge mechanism is integrated into the door and frame, creating a seamless and unobtrusive appearance.
  2. Pivoting Mechanism:

    • These hinges operate on a central pivot point, typically positioned at the top and bottom of the door.
    • The central pivot allows the door to pivot smoothly, facilitating movement in both directions.
  3. Installation:

    • Hidden pivot hinges can be installed in different ways, with the goal of minimizing their visibility.
    • They are suitable for various applications, including interior and exterior doors, as well as doors with unique designs or materials.
  4. Wide Range of Motion:

    • Doors equipped with concealed pivot hinges can achieve a wide range of motion, often allowing for an opening of 180 degrees or more.
  5. Adjustability:

    • Many hidden pivot hinges offer adjustability to ensure proper door alignment and movement.
    • Adjustability can be crucial for maintaining the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the door over time.
  6. Aesthetics and Modern Design:

    • Invisible pivot hinges are commonly chosen for modern and contemporary architectural designs.
    • Their hidden nature contributes to a sleek and clean aesthetic, emphasizing the overall design of the space.

In summary, invisible pivot hinges provide a sophisticated solution for doors where a concealed and modern appearance is desired. Their ability to maintain a clean look while allowing for smooth and versatile door movement makes them suitable for a variety of architectural and design applications.