Pivot hinges are available in a variety of materials, finishes and configurations.  A pivot hinge allows for a door to rotate on a pivot point for a variety of purposes.  Pivot Hinges can be used for interior doors, exterior doors, glass doors, full length doors, saloon doors, and cabinet doors.  Pivot hardware allows a door to swing in either direction and some offer a hold-open feature. We sell both double action pivot hinges and single action pivot hinges. Not all pivot hinges can work for all door types, so be sure when selecting a pivot hinge that it is correct for your application.  Pivot hinges offer a wide range of motion for your doors. Specialized door pivot hinges, like hidden pivot hinges, are perfect for murphy or hidden doors.  Pivot hinges with self-returning options are great for swinging doors.

Pivot hinges vary from a traditional butt hinge, and operate differently by offsetting from the jamb. The pivot point on the door acts as the central point where the door rotates from. The doors are not restrained by hinges on the side, but from the single axis point of the pivot. Pivot hinges are normally located at the top and bottom of the doors.    Pivot hinges can be assisted by a gravity ramp or springs. Swinging Cafe Doors offers a wide variety of pivot hinges including offset set and center pivot hinges as well as Rixson pivot hinges.  We offer both double action pivot hinges and single action pivot door hardware. Quick Shipping!