Pivot Hinges

Pivot hinges are versatile door hardware solutions in various materials and finishes suitable for different applications. They allow doors to rotate on a single pivot point, offering a wide range of motion. They can be installed on interior doors, exterior doors, glass doors, full-length doors, cabinet doors, and saloon doors. 

Pivot hinges come in different types, such as top-pivot, center-axis, L-shape, jamb-mount and top-hinge. They are available as double-action or single-action pivot hardware, providing both free swing and controlled access. Swinging Café Doors offers a wide variety of pivot hinges in different shapes, sizes, and styles for your residential or commercial needs, including Rixson pivot hinges.

Types of Pivot Door Hinges We Offer

Pivot hinges allow a door or panel to pivot around a central point. They are commonly used in applications such as swivel glass doors, where the door needs to be able to rotate in both directions. Pivot hinges are a type of hinge commonly used for heavy-duty pivoting doors. 

Pivot doors swing on a pivot hinge instead of a traditional hinge. Pivot door kits are available for those looking to install their own pivot doors, with many kits including everything needed for installation. Pivot doors are often made from materials such as mahogany wood veneer and come in a variety of finishes, such as the popular coffee bean finish slab.

Invisible or hidden pivot hinges are available for a cleaner, more minimalistic installation that is less visible than traditional hinges.

Some examples of the specific types of pivot hinges we offer include:

  • Standard gravity 
  • Heavy-duty gravity saloon door hinges
  • Stainless steel hidden door pivot hinges
  • Double-action horizontal spring
  • Mortise spring pivot hinges

Pivot Door Hinge Hardware

Pivot hinges typically come with a swivel hinge bracket that allows the door to be held in different hold positions. This system is useful when the door needs to stay open at varying degrees, making it a popular choice for high-traffic doors or storage boxes. Some pivot hinges also feature lubricated bearings and can be made from corrosion-resistant materials for load-bearing applications. Pivot hinges can be rotated in one or two directions if the hinge has a double-action design. 

A pivot hinge varies from a traditional butt hinge and operates differently by offsetting from the jamb. You will need to select from spring pivot door hinges or gravity door pivot hinges. Gravity and spring pivot door hinges will allow the doors to return to the closed position, and spring pivot hinges will allow for adjustment of the spring.

When purchasing pivot hinges, it's essential to ensure they are durable and resistant to wear and tear. Installation is relatively simple, and screws are included for easy installation. Pivot hinges come with different tension and loading options, allowing for smooth opening and closing of the door, ensuring that the door remains in the closed position when necessary.

Pivot hinges use a single-axis point of the pivot normally located at the top and bottom of the doors. Pivot hinges can be assisted by a gravity ramp or springs. Some pivot hinges offer a hold-open feature, ensuring visibility and access when needed while preventing sagging doors.

Pivot Hinge Applications

A pivot hinge is a reliable and practical option for heavy doors and high-traffic areas, providing a smooth and controlled swing motion mounting to the door jamb or frame. Not all pivot hinges can work for all door types, so select a pivot hinge that is correct for your application. Specialized door pivot hinges, like hidden pivot hinges, are perfect for Murphy or hidden doors. 

In addition to heavy-duty use in high-traffic areas, pivot hinges work well on smaller specialized doors like saloon doors and louvers. Pivot door designs exist for nearly any home style and budget, from modern to classical to farmhouse-style doors.

Pivot hinges come in various shapes and sizes, such as floor mount, jamb mount, hold open, and non-hold open. These designs offer a distinctive and modern look to any space. Pivot hinges provide an excellent solution for applications where a self-closing door is required, and they offer a wide range of access options.

Pivot hinges are a versatile and practical choice for a variety of applications, including pivot closet doors. With their unique design, pivot hinges enable doors to swing smoothly and effortlessly on a central axis, creating a sleek and modern look. These hinges can be used with a pivot door kit to transform ordinary closet doors into stylish and functional focal points within a space. When it comes to closet door pivots, pivot hinges offer several advantages. They allow for a wide opening, making it easier to access the contents of the closet.

With the correct pivot door hardware and pivot sets, you can achieve a custom and sophisticated look that complements your interior design. Pivot hinges are not limited to closet doors alone; they are also ideal for dual swing gate hinges. These hinges provide smooth operation and stability for dual swing gates, allowing them to swing inward or outward with ease.

By using pivot hinges, you can ensure that your dual swing gate functions properly while maintaining a sturdy and secure connection to the door frame. Whether you're looking to upgrade your closet doors or install a dual swing gate, pivot hinges and the accompanying hardware and sets offer a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution. Their ability to provide smooth operation, a clean appearance, and flexibility in door movement make them a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike.

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