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Swinging Cafe Doors are very versatile, We offer a wide range of door designs and door sizes.  These Modern Interior Doors | Contemporary Doors will work well in any door opening.  These modern doors can bring in the fancy modern lines and modern design aspects.

Some of the best locations for modern doors work well in laundry rooms, master bedroom closets, closet doors, or pantry doors. These doors add a class and elegance to any room.  These doors will be the focus point of your room and allow for easy access and full length cover is possible with upgraded hinge options. Perfect modern doors for your pantry, master bathroom doors, closet doors or laundry room doors. 

Modern Contemporary Double Swinging Glass Interior Doors

These doors are available with frosted or clear glass panels.  We allow for all the hinge clearance, when ordering we need your door opening size and we can do the rest.  These interior doors with glass plexiglass panels allow for more light to pass from room to room. The Modern Contemporary Double Swinging Glass Interior Doors are shown below with the frosted plexiglass panels, this allows for light to pass thru but only a shadow of hand or etc. Whether you choose clear or frosted plexiglass panel these doors will highlight the opening and add a modern flair to your room.  We use plexiglass because its shatterproof and safe for all applications. 


Modern Contemporary Double Swinging Interior Slat Doors 

This door will allow for light to pass thru the slats.  The doors are available in all sizes from 38", 42", 48",60", 70"- 95" tall.  We can also customize heights to your needs. These doors add to the beauty of any room and will make a elegant statement in your room. The Modern Slat Doors shown below are installed with pull handles, please see our pull handles offering here. Modern Contemporary Double Swinging Interior Slat Doors offers privacy but will allow light, air and conversation to flow thru the door opening. We can build our custom doors uo to 95" tall.


Modern Contemporary Chevron Double Swinging Doors

The Modern Contemporay Chevron Double Swinging Doors adds a modern touch with the chevron design.  The doors will be a statement in any room, master bedroom, kitchen, pantry or closet. The modern door line has wider rails and stiles, this adds a contemporary feel vs our standard saloon door design.  The chevron doors shown below are maple, stained Perry, this stain add a modern touch to the doors as well.


The Modern Interior Doors are offered with a wide variety of hinge options.  Installing these modern doors withe double action hinges, (available on all door designs also) allows for the doors to swing in both direction and self-return to center. Several of the double action hinges allows for a hold open feature as well.  The doors can have a non-hold open option with the 
commercial grade spring hinges, and a hold open feature with the commercial grade gravity hinges and commercial grade horizontal spring pivot. The commercial grade horiztonal spring pivot allows for full coverage on the modern doors with a hold open feature, as shown below. The commercial grade hinges are required on all doors over 70" tall.