Louvered | Louvre | Louver Doors 

Louvered doors can come in a variety of design styles and sizes.  Swinging cafe Doors specializes in double action swinging louvered doors, also known as saloon doors. Louvered doors continue to be a popular door style for modern and traditional homes. These louvered doors can be found in kitchen pantries, kitchen, bathrooms, closets, and offices.  Louvered doors are great options for cafe doors | saloon doors.  Louvered doors allow light and sound to pass between the two spaces and are available in a variety of lengths.  We offer quick ship louvre doors in 30" (2'6"), 32" (2'8") and 36" (3') door openings as well as custom louvered doors, shutter style doors made to fit opening sizes up to 48" wide.

Swinging Café doors offer louvered doors in a variety of heights, widths, and design options. Our custom-made louvered doors will be custom made for your opening.  These doors are 1” thick and will be built with a center rail to add stability to your doors. The doors are built symmetrically, means that the top and bottom louvered sections are equal.  We offer arch top, double arched, western arch, and square top louvered doors. We can also customize design a louvered door for your application. Louvered doors offer a traditional classic elegance design which will allow for some air flow and ventilation.  Since the air can flow thru the doors there will be no musty, stale closets or pantry. The doors will not complete enclose the space so heating and cooling can move from room to room.

Whether you are looking for a pantry door, kitchen door, bathroom door or an office door, louvered style doors are not to be overlooked. Providing privacy but also allowing for some light and air to pass thru the louvers it is a great option for interior doors. Swinging Café Door provides a full custom line of louvered door, available for purchase. These double swinging louvre doors can have double action hardware that allows the doors to hold open when needed.