Bommer 7512 Commercial Grade Gravity Double Action Pivot Hinge | Saloon Door Hinge- Variety of Finishes

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Hardware Type:
Swinging Door Gravity Hinges
Door Width:
Up to 18 in
Door Width:
Up to 24 in
Door Width:
Up to 26 in
Door Width:
Up to 30 in
Door Weight:
Up to 18 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 30 lbs
Door Weight:
Up to 50 lbs
Hardware Finish:
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Hardware Finish:
Satin Chrome
Hardware Finish:
Hardware Finish:
Hold Open Feature:
Hold Open
Hold Open Feature:
Non-Hold Open
Door Thickness:
3/4 in-1 in
Door Thickness:
1-1/16 in-1-3/8 in
Door Thickness:
1-7/16 in-2 in
Custom/ In Stock:
In Stock

The Bommer gravity pivot hinge is made with heavy-duty steel. It comes in a variety of finishes, including Bright Black, Satin Brass, Bright Brass, Satin Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze, allowing you to add a touch of sophistication to your design while getting optimal functionality.

Bommer 7512 Commercial Grade Gravity Double Action Pivot Hinge | Saloon Door Hinge

This Bommer 7512 Series hardware will allow the door to swing open in either direction and self return to the center. This hinge uses gravity to return the doors to the center. It can be used for doors up to 30 inches wide and 50 pounds. The sturdy and durable design allows this gravity pivot hinge to withstand frequent use in high-traffic areas, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

In addition to being able to swing in both directions, the hinge has a hold-open feature that enables you to hold the door open at a 90-degree angle on whichever side it swings.

This item is for one set of hardware. Each set contains one Bommer 7512 hinge top and bottom bracket, enough to hang one door, and ten 1-inch flat head wood screws. You will need to install one swinging cafe door or saloon door. If you need to hang a set of doors, purchase a quantity of two. Choose between a Hold Open Feature or a Non-Hold Open Feature for your cafe | saloon doors.


  • Maximum Door Width– 30”
  • Fits a Door thickness of 7/8” to 1-5/8”
  • Maximum Door Weight– 50 lbs
  • Variety of Finishes Available
  • Steel Construction
  • Surface Mounted Pivot
  • Double Acting Hinges
  • Self-Closing hinges; Door weight closes door – No Springs
  • Non-Handed
  • Provides privacy, yet allows light, air, & conversation
  • Allows doors to freely swing in both directions and self returning to the center of the opening
  • Easy to install hinges

Bommer Industries Builders Hardware Division continues the trademarks of quality and innovation that were founded in 1876. The Bommer brand has been the original standard of excellence since 1876. Bommer offers high quality Double Acting Spring Hinges, Specialty Door and Gate Pivot hinges. Bommer hinges are widely recognized as a leader in quality hardware. Bommer hinges are designed for high traffic areas with long lasting durable hinges. When you specify and purchase Bommer products, you can be assured they are "Made In USA". Swinging Café Doors offers a wide range of Bommer products as stand alone hinges or with our custom doors.

Select Hold Open Feature or Non-Hold Open Feature 

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The Bommer gravity pivot hinge is designed for superior performance and long-lasting use. Purchase a Bommer 7512 set online and get it shipped to you for free anywhere in the U.S.

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