Here are the 3 Great Reasons to Add a Maritime Porthole Door:

1. The addition of a Porthole Door to your bathroom, bedroom, or closet will give the nautical illusion of being on a cruise. The porthole window will add a nautical feel to whatever the doors are being installed.  

2. The porthole window can draw the light into the adjacent space and create the illusion of more space.  The porthole will allow light to travel between the doors, giving the illusion of additional space. 

3. The Porthole Doors are a work of art. These statement pieces are a perfect modern element to any space.  The door(s) help to add a dramatic touch to any interior space. The doors will be a focal piece to the space. 


These doors are perfect for a kitchen, pantry, butler pantry, closet, or bathroom.  The Maritime Porthole Doors have become a go to door design for interior designers, homeowners, and business owners.  These swinging Porthole Doors will be a statement for your next kitchen remodel.