Single Swinging Cafe Door

Single Swing Doors

Single swinging doors are among the most practical options for narrower entryways and restricted spaces. Various styles can enhance a room's aesthetics while improving traffic flow and eliminating congestion, from raised and Shaker panels to glass, chalkboard and barn-style designs. Single swinging doors equipped with double action hinges are perfect for applications like pantries, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.


Whether you install a swinging door in your home or business, you create a safer and more efficient environment for spaces with heavy traffic. Since these doors open from either side and return to the center automatically, you improve accessibility and enhance speed even more. 

Single Swing Doors for Cafés, Restaurants, Kitchens, and More

Swinging Café Doors offers an extensive selection of single doors that range from 24 to 36 inches wide and 38 to 95 inches tall. Our doors are durable, lightweight, and easy to open from both sides, delivering easy access and smooth operation from any direction. In addition, many of our single swinging doors come with windows as an enhanced safety or decorative element.


Several examples of the types of single swing doors we offer include:


  • Porthole doors: Single swinging porthole doors — such as our Maritime Single Porthole Door — offer sturdy designs for frequent traffic, including high-quality frames and extra-durable rail and stile joints. Custom sizes are available to fit any door opening.
  • Raised-panel wooden cafe doors: Enhance the decor of your home, business, or eatery with a raised-panel wooden café door. These doors offer superior craftsmanship and can swing in and out, yet stay open whenever needed.
  • Classic flat-panel saloon doors: Saloon doors provide a traditional look for various applications, from contemporary homes to Western-themed restaurants to commercial offices. These single-panel designs offer versatility by choosing the exact amount of entrance you want to cover.
  • Flush swinging pivot doors: A pivot door is different from a standard door because it uses a pivot to swing instead of hinges on the side. These designs have become popular in recent years because of their unique look and feel for a home or business.

Advantages of Choosing Swinging Café Doors

Swinging Café Doors has been a leading supplier of single swing doors for over 17 years. Our experts can help you choose the perfect door for your space by offering expertise on measurements, installations, and customization options. Our doors are custom-made to your specification, ensuring a perfect fit every time. 


Our innovative facility 40 miles east of Pittsburgh allows us to maintain the highest quality control standards and service customers quickly and cost-effectively countrywide.


We go above and beyond the typical swinging door supplier by offering benefits like:


  • Doors manufactured exclusively in the United States.
  • Top-class craftsmanship.
  • A team with years of experience in structural design.
  • A promise to provide personalized attention to each customer.
  • Free shipping throughout the United States.

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