Single Swinging Saloon | Cafe Door

Single swinging doors are a great option where space permits. Single swinging doors are available in multiple design options from modern to western styles.  The single swing door is a great option for small narrow openings.  The single swinging door will be one swinging door that can swing in both directions and self-return to center. Single swinging wooden cafe doors are available for opening sizes 24" to 36" wide and 38” tall to 95” tall. The design options on single swinging doors vary from shaker panels, raised panels, chalkboard panels, glass panels, and barn style. Single swinging doors are custom made doors, so you will enter your door opening and we will size the door accordingly to give you a perfect fit.  Doors are hand-crafted from composite and solid wood materials. Swinging Café Doors offers many wood options for custom doors including poplar, eastern white pine, soft maple, red oak, sapele, rustic alder, and cherry.  We also offer finished doors, both painted and stained finishes are available on the website. The single swinging door can be installed with gravity hinges or spring hinges.  Gravity hinges will allow for a hold open feature at 90 degrees in either direction. This feature is perfect for pantry doors, bathroom doors, or swinging kitchen doors.  Swinging Café Doors is a leading supplier of custom-made saloon doors for over 15 years. We can offer you expert advice on measuring, customizing, and installing saloon doors in your home.  Single Swinging Wooden Cafe Door for opening sizes 24" to 36".  Hand-crafted from Solid Wood Using the Finest Natural Woods.  Saloon Doors | Cafe Doors in Popular Door Opening Sizes 30" (2'6"), 32" (2'8") and 36" (3') openings, Perfect for Pantry Doors, Bathroom Doors, or Swinging Kitchen Doors.