Interior Swinging Doors for 36- to 42-Inch Openings

Swinging doors are the most practical and efficient options for entryways and room dividers in homes and businesses. Besides providing easy opening and closing in both directions, they create a safer environment in areas with heavy traffic. In addition, these swinging doors add a touch of style and decor to a space that few other doors can match. 

Whether you install a swinging door in your restaurant, cafe, kitchen, pantry or other room, you can create a look unique to your taste and style. The professionals at Swinging Café Doors have decades of combined experience helping customers find the perfect solutions for their interior spaces. We can offer insight on measurements, installation and customization options to help make your purchasing experience as seamless as possible.

Types of Interior Doors We Offer for 36- to 42-Inch Entryways

Swinging Café Doors offers one of the market's most comprehensive selections of online swinging doors for 36- to 42-inch openings. Our doors are lightweight and durable and provide easy access from either side. We can customize your door according to your specific design and size preferences, with height options up to 95 inches.

Our interior swinging saloon door styles include various wood species, colors, finishes and hardware options. Our swinging door models also feature glass windows as a decorative or enhanced safety element.

Design examples include:

  • Saloon doors:Saloon doors are an excellent option for adding a classic, modern, western or rustic look to your 36- to 42-inch opening. You can also choose a door height to create the ideal space separation between rooms.
  • Louvered doors: Our louvered doors feature slats or vents that add an elegant aesthetic while maximizing the airflow between rooms. These doors come in various materials and heights to fit your preference, including saloon-style designs.
  • Glass doors: Besides increasing the charm of nearly any interior space, glass doors help enhance safety by increasing visibility between rooms. One of our most popular designs is our French swinging door, featuring large glass panels that maximize the light brought in from the outside.
  • Porthole doors: Porthole doors feature a circular window at eye height to help improve visibility. They also provide a unique marine or nautical feel for those wanting to create a unique interior theme.

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