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Saloon Doors

When some people picture a saloon door, they often imagine the swinging doors from a Wild West movie. However, saloon doors are so much more, as they can be used in residential or commercial applications.


Saloon doors are traditional two double doors hung in an opening with double-action hardware. The double-action hinges allow the doors to be pushed in both directions, enabling the doors to open from either side. No traditional jamb is required for saloon doors, and the hardware allows the doors to self-return to the center and self-close.   

Stock and Custom Saloon Doors to Fit Your Needs

Saloon doors come in a wide variety of sizes and design options. Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer the widest variety of door heights and openings. We provide stock items for the traditional 30-, 32- and 36-inch door opening sizes. 


Swinging Café Doors also supplies custom-made swinging doors with millions of options on our website. You can choose your door opening size, door material, door height and hardware so that your doors are fully customized to your exact application. Saloon doors can be made for any opening size between 24 and 72 inches wide and from 38 to over 95 inches tall. 


Full-length saloon doors will add privacy to your application and offer easy access with double-action hardware. 

Rustic and Modern Saloon Door Designs

Swinging Café Doors’ saloon doors are different from Lowes or Home Depot because of the variety, quality, size and design options available. We will custom-make your doors to the exact door opening size. We are experts in double-action hardware, making sure we size the hinges correctly for your project. 


Swinging Café Doors continues to add new interior design style options, including Rustic, Modern, Contemporary, French, Scandinavian and Country door designs. Rustic saloon doors offer more of a rural or countryside theme, while modern saloon doors provide a sleeker, more contemporary look.


Other saloon door designs include shaker panels, farmhouse, traditional, mid-century, glass, western, spindles, raised panels, louvers and barn-style bracing. Swinging Café Doors will also custom design saloon doors to an inspirational photo. Our custom doors are hand-crafted in the USA with quality hardwood and premium hardware.

Saloon Door Applications

Saloon doors can be called a wide variety of names, including, batwing doors, salon doors, café doors, double-swinging doors, half doors and bar doors. Regardless of the name, these doors are continuing to become more popular and can be used in a wide variety of applications, from bathrooms to kitchen pantries. Saloon doors are a simple and easy choice when you need to add a door style to an opening.  


Saloon doors are easy to install in any existing opening. They can be installed into a cased opening, traditional door frame opening or even a hallway by use of trim boards. These doors are commonly used to separate spaces in a bathroom, office, kitchen, closet or pantry, to name a few.  


Common applications include:

Kitchen Doors

Today’s home offers a wide variety of design options. Doors are necessary elements for kitchens. A swinging kitchen door can be placed between the formal dining room and the kitchen. 


A saloon door will allow for privacy in the kitchen. When you are hosting a large dinner party, the mess of the kitchen can be hidden from sight. These swinging kitchen doors are easy to operate, can be opened with an elbow or a hand and allow for easy accessibility between the kitchen and dining room.

Pantry Doors

When walking into a pantry, swinging saloon doors will make accessibility easy. These doors can swing open, and some even offer a hold-open feature. Saloon doors are perfect for a butler’s, traditional or hidden pantry. The doors make a statement with their grand design and non-traditional swing.  


Bathroom saloon doors allow additional privacy to be added to a master bathroom or a water closet. Since saloon doors do not require a frame-cased opening installation and need less swinging space than a traditional single-swing door, they are perfect for adding privacy to a bathroom area.  


Saloon doors are great for separating a space while still allowing for ventilation. They can be partial-length to full-length doors, providing you with the privacy necessary for your application.


Bar Doors and Man Caves

Every man cave needs just a few simple things, including a table, a TV and of course, saloon doors. Saloon doors are a perfect entrance into your man’s space. The doors will be a perfect talking point to make your man cave different than the neighbors. 


Closet Doors

Saloon closet doors are a great addition to your closet. These popular doors will help keep air flowing in and out of the closet. Plus, they will allow heat and air conditioning to transfer between the closet and any additional space, like bedrooms or bathrooms.  


Closet saloon doors are a great way to get the maximum space out of your closet. Because the doors do not have to swing open into the closet, they allow the space to be used for dressing or browsing. Swinging doors use double-action hardware that will self-return to the center, ensuring the closet doors will be closed.  

Home and Office

Remodeling or making a home office has become a top priority with the number of companies transitioning to remote work. These office spaces can be added to a wide range of locations in your home. If you're looking to separate your workspace from your personal life, then saloon doors will help create a visible barrier.  


Saloon doors can be easily added to your current space with no jamb needed and can be installed in a few hours.  

Need a custom size? That's exactly what we do. Order your tailor-made saloon doors today. 


Mudrooms are common in new or renovated homes. These multiple-purpose spaces are key to having an organized house but can often be overlooked. Adding some swinging saloon doors will help contain this space while improving functionality.  


The doors can easily be swung open with your hands full and will allow the space to remain behind the doors.  

Guest Rooms

While having guests visit is wonderful, it’s also nice to offer your guests some additional privacy. With most guests having a bedroom and bathroom not attached, we are seeing a growing trend of providing a guest suite. This can easily be done with the addition of saloon doors to a hallway or doorway.  


Saloon doors will give some privacy when moving from the bedroom to the bathroom. The door could remain open while no guests are visiting and then easily closed to ensure additional privacy when you have visitors.

Flex Spaces and Basements

Since 2020, home renovation has continued to be a must for most homeowners, making their homes a place to enjoy and relax. Flex spaces that can serve multiple purposes are great areas for saloon doors. These doors will help provide some privacy while maintaining an overall open design.

Double-Action Hardware for Saloon Doors

Saloon doors are installed with double-action hinges. The hinges allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return to the center of the doorway. With this hardware, the doors do not require a traditional jamb and are easy to install.  


Double-action hinges come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. When you purchase custom saloon doors from Swinging Café Doors, we will ensure the hardware and doors will fit the opening size provided on the order. 

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If you're in search of stylish and functional saloon doors for your establishment, look no further than Swinging Café Doors. They offer a wide selection of restaurant doors for sale, including interior door swings that are perfect for cafes and other hospitality venues. One of their popular options is the classic wooden cafe doors, which add a touch of rustic charm to any space.

With Swinging Café Doors, you can easily browse their collection online and get a quick view of the available designs. Once you find the perfect set of saloon doors, simply place your order with just a few clicks. Swinging Café Doors offers a large variety of louvered doors including an alternative to Menard’s café doors, which they are discontinuing.


If you're looking for a reputable and knowledgeable door supplier with one of the market's most comprehensive product selections, Swinging Café Doors is a great choice. We have a saloon-style door to cover all your needs, whether you require a door for a closet, your guest room, a basement or another space. To ensure the fastest delivery to your location, place your order today.


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