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 Best Saloon | Swinging Doors

Saloon doors are double action doors that allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return to center.  Whether you call them café doors, half doors, swinging doors or saloon doors these doors all achieve the same function.  Saloon doors are a great solution to separate spaces while maximizing mobility between them.  Saloon doors are commonly used to separate spaces in a bathroom, office, kitchen, closet, or pantry just to name a few.  Saloon doors are a simple and easy choice when you need to add a door to an opening.  Saloon doors are easy to install in any existing opening.  They can be installed into a cased opening, traditional door frame opening or even a hallway by use of trim boards.  We offer pre-made saloon doors for 30”, 32” and 36” door opening, as well as custom-made saloon doors.  Saloon doors can be installed with gravity hinges or spring hinges. The gravity hinges will allow for a hold open feature, the spring hinges are non-hold open. 

Saloon doors provide privacy and ease of passage.  Depending on the saloon door height, you can still allow light and conversation to flow while adding privacy.  Saloon doors can be used in commercial as well as residential settings.  Swinging Café Doors has been selling saloon doors for decades.  We strive to provide fast, high quality saloon door solutions shipped to the US and Canada. Swinging Café Doors, continues to add new interior design styles including Modern, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Rustic and Country, just to name a few.

Swinging Café Doors- custom made swinging doors offer millions of options already built into the website.   You can choose your door opening size, material, height, and hardware, so that your doors are fully customized to your exact custom selections.  Saloon doors are not just your typical old western doors, these doors come in a variety of design options including sleek, traditional, shaker, farmhouse, glass, spindles, louvered and western style doors.  Swinging Café Doors custom doors are hand-crafted in the USA.  We can also custom design a set of swinging saloon doors if you have a custom design idea.  

From Custom Saloon Doors to In-Stock Saloon Doors Swinging Cafe Doors have the best selections and variety.  We have Quick Shipping Saloon | Cafe Doors that can ship same day or next day.  Custom Cafe Doors ship in about 7-14 Days.  Don't see what you need just ask for a custom quote.

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