Interior Doors for 48- to 54-Inch Openings

Interior swinging doors are a perfect choice for adding a touch of style and improving the traffic flow in your home or business. Because they open from both sides, these doors offer an easy passage from room to room, especially if your hands are full. Swinging door models like saloon-style doors allow you to cover any amount of the door opening to provide a more open feeling between rooms.

Swinging Café Doors offers a comprehensive selection of saloon doors and other interior swinging designs for 48- to 54-inch openings, accommodating all your design and style preferences. These doors provide easy installation into any opening, as we customize each product to your exact specifications. 

Types of 48- to 54-Inch Saloon Doors and Other Interior Designs We Offer

At Swinging Café Doors, we make your buying experience easy by providing a limitless range of design, size and color options. We aim to establish long-term relationships with each customer by offering exceptional customer service, superior products and affordable pricing. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facility near Pittsburgh allow us to service customers nationwide while delivering the individualized attention you deserve.

Some examples of the doors we supply for 48- to 54-inch openings include:

  • Saloon doors:Saloon doors are ideal for creating a personal touch unique to your style preferences. They're easy to install and cover the exact amount of space you need. Double-action hinges make passage easy from either side of the entrance.
  • French doors: French doors are an elegant design option that lets you bring the surrounding outside area inside your home or business. They offer an open concept while providing the separation you need when closed. These doors also feature a wide selection of charming hardware options to accentuate your taste even more.
  • Barn-style doors: If you want to add a traditional, rustic look to your space, barn-style doors are an excellent choice. These doors allow you to use your imagination to bring almost any room to life, from closets to bedrooms to bathrooms.
  • Porthole doors: Porthole doors feature a design that allows you to add a marine or nautical feel to your area. These doors fill a door opening entirely and feature a circular window to view the other side. They come in various colors and finishes to meet almost any design vision.

Find 48-Inch Interior Doors at Swinging Café Doors Today

Swinging Café Doors can handle all your interior door needs for 48- to 54-inch openings, whether you're looking for a saloon door to add style or a French door to bring in more light. Browse our selection and place your order today for the fastest delivery to your location. Please call 855-343-4903 to request additional information.