Barn Style Doors | Interior Barn Doors

Whether you are looking for a rustic sliding barn door or a more modern sliding door, full length or partial length, Swinging Café Doors offers them all for interior sliding barn doors, saloon doors, and swinging doors


The Appeal of Custom Barn Style Doors

Far beyond mere trend, barn doors have captivated the imagination of designers and homeowners alike for their ability to transcend eras, effortlessly harmonizing with an array of architectural and decorative motifs. Barn style doors can be installed as sliding doors, swinging doors, or hinged doors.


Swinging Cafe Doors offers barn style doors crafted by skilled mastercraftsmans specializing in woodwork. This bespoke approach yields doors that are not just functional but also serve as focal points and conversation pieces within a home.


The utilitarian attributes of barn doors, such as their space-saving nature and ease of operation, align with the practical demands of contemporary living spaces where efficiency and flexibility are at a premium. In spaces where traditional door swing is restricted, such as small rooms or closets, barn doors offer an elegant solution that maximizes utility without compromising on style.


Barn doors are a great design element for interior applications including residential or commercial restaurant settings.  Barn doors are a rustic element that can provide a beautiful design.  Swinging Cafe Doors offers unique designs, crafted in the USA, durability, and afforable custom door option. Our barn doors can be installed with sliding, swinging double action or standard butt hinges. 


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