Love Your Home: 7 Tips for Choosing Modern Swinging Doors

Love Your Home: 7 Tips for Choosing Modern Swinging Doors

Posted by Todd Crissman On 17th Nov 2021

How To Choose a Modern Interior Door

Love Your Home: 7 Trendy Tips for Choosing Modern Swinging Doors

From your master bedroom to a man cave, modern swinging doors are on-trend.

These durable, stylish doors offer a sleek look combined with plenty of functionality and space-saving for busy households. Before you choose the right swinging door for your home, check out these seven helpful tips that will ensure you choose the right design and style for your needs.

1. Quality is Key

Before you decide on swinging doors, make sure they can swing both inward and outward.

Since swinging doors tend to undergo a lot of heavy use, you'll want to choose a set that is crafted of quality materials, look for the usage of the timeless technique of tongue and groove on your swinging doors.

Be on the lookout for material like solid wood that can handle the everyday use your doors will endure. Glass inserts (Frosted or Clear) can make the doors look slick and modern, and it allows a bit of light to pass through. Look for options like frosted or clear glass.

Remember that hardware is also important. You'll want doors that utilize high-quality hinges and handles made of elements like steel that will stand the test of time. Which can decide on spring hinges non hold open, that mount to the side and allow for the tallest door heights (only 1/2" clearance needed), or gravity hardware that offers a hold open feature, but requires 5 -1/2" of total spacing between above and below the doors. There are some options if you don't have a total of 5-1/2" of spacing but it would require some additional woodworking.

2. Colors Make Modern Swinging Doors Look Custom

Whether it's a bright white or a rustic wood tone, the finish of your swinging doors can transform the look of any room.

If you're going for something a bit more modern, try a color like gray to give your space a contemporary vibe. Black is another great choice for a study, den, or movie room.

Take a look at the many options available to you and make sure they coordinate with your home's current color scheme for the best result.

3. Check the Hinges

Before you decide on swinging doors, make sure they can swing both inward and outward.

Some doors only swing in one direction, while double-action hinges allow the doors to swing both ways for easier operation. it may come down to which room you plan to install the doors in, but it's best to check this out before installing them. With the swinging doors, you can open and close the doors without handling a door knob. Door pulls or push plates can be add if you like but not required.

4. Barn Doors are Totally en Vogue

The new modern farmhouse look is taking home interior design by storm. If you love this style, choose a barn door style. There are modern barn doors or traditional barn doors, both doors add character and charm to your house.

Traditionally, barn doors are attached to a rod and use wheels to slide from left to right. But today's modern swinging doors have incorporated the look of barn doors with swinging functionality so you get the best of both worlds.

5. Make Your House the Hangout Spot with Swinging Doors

Remember the old Western movies where the saloon doors would suddenly swing open? These doors are available to today's modern consumer, too.

Add a pair of saloon-style swinging doors to a home bar, game room, or other hangout spot and your house is sure to become a popular place to hang out. They also give any home tons of added character.

6. Frame Your Doors in Style

Once you've decided on a set of swinging doors, remember that the casing will round out the look. Select from decorative molding designs, or choose something a little more subtle.

The type of frame you choose often depends on which room you're installing the doors in. For example, a grand living room would look beautiful with detailed framing, while a man cave or utility space might do fine with more simple, flat framing. Choose a company that custom builds the doors to take advantage of existing or wide openings.

7. Pick a Style that Suits Your Home

From a flat-front design to something with a little more personality, the style of door you choose is a reflection of your space.

Take a close look at the many different design options available to you so that you can decide if you want something classic, rustic, or modern.

Swinging Doors Can Transform a Space

No matter what style, material, or color you choose, modern swinging doors can really transform the look of your home.

With a bit of research, you can find the ideal door style that will give you and your family years of enjoyment.

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