What are Saloon Doors | Cafe Doors | Swinging Doors?

The most common names for Saloon Doors are batwing doors, café doors, double swinging doors, swing doors, half doors, and swinging half doors.  While there are many names for saloon style doors, these doors all have similar features.  


The main feature of saloon doors is the double action hardware. Double action hinges allow for the doors to swing open in either direction and self-return to center.   Double action hardware can offer a hold open position on some hardware.  The added convenience of the double action hardware allows you to enter/exit thru the doors without turning a knob.  You can use a finger, hand, elbow, or hip to push the doors open.  Saloon doors offer an attractive way to separate spaces; the doors can be full length or half doors. 


Swinging Modern Interior Shaker Panel Doors


Swinging Café Doors offers standard heights and heights can also be customized for your door opening.  Most door designs are available in 38”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 70”, and up to 95” height options.  You can select the door height based on your door opening.  Saloon doors allow for privacy, yet still allow light, air, and conversation to continue to flow from both spaces.  These doors can be a perfect solution when you are looking to limit visibility but not separate spaces entirely. 


Saloon doors can be installed at the bottom of the opening to create a gate or the middle of the opening to create privacy.  Our custom saloon doors are manufactured in the USA, with American Hardwood.  The doors are custom made to fit your door opening size.   We offer a large variety of unfinished & finished wood species, plus a large selection of paint colors for the doors as well.  Visit our Review | Gallery to see our doors installed. 


Saloon doors can also be installed with trim boards.  If installing the doors into a non-traditional door opening or an opening with no studs, we do suggest trim boards.  These trim boards can also be used in drywall applications by using longer screws for the hardware. 

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British Brace Interior BArn Style Doors
Double Swinging Arch Top Raised Panel Saloon Doors

Saloon doors function better, especially when space is an issue, because the doors do not swing wide like a traditional door.  Saloon Doors | Café Doors come in a variety of styles and designs.  Options include a contemporary design, traditional design, modern design, barn style design and western design.


Swinging Cafe Doors can be used in either a residential or commercial setting.  Our doors have been installed in national chain restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and more. These doors can be used for social distancing.  Saloon Doors | Café Doors are a great alternative to the impact doors.  These saloon doors add a warm rustic or traditional look to any room.  Let us make some saloon doors for your home or commercial setting.

Commercial Colonial Saloon Doors
Archway Style Saloon Doors