What are Saloon Doors | Cafe Doors | Swinging Doors?

There are several names for our Saloon Doors, including half doors, louvered doors, swing doors, swinging doors, cafe doors and half swinging doors.  All these doors have the same features.  The saloon doors swing back and forth and return to center, with the touch of a hand, hip, or arm.  They provide a separation of space, yet they allow light, air, and conversation to pass between adjacent rooms.  Our saloon doors are custom made in the USA with American Hardwood and will be custom made to fit your exact opening for a perfect fit.  They can be installed at the bottom of an opening to create a gate, or they can be installed in the middle of an opening to provide privacy.  Our custom saloon doors | café doors can be installed with no framing studs with the use of our trim boards. Click Here for More information on Trim Boards  

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These saloon doors | café doors are used in master bathrooms to provide a separation of space and create privacy.  Click Here to take a look at our Bathroom DoorsThese Saloon Doors | Café Doors are also used instead of traditional doors in kitchen, pantries, laundry rooms, and closets. Click Here to learn more about Swinging Kitchen Doors  Saloon Doors can be used as a pantry door or to separate a laundry room.  Click Here to Look at Our Pantry | Laundry Room Doors  These doors function better, especially when space is an issue, because the doors do not swing wide like a traditional door.  Saloon Doors | Café Doors come in a variety of style and designs.  Options include a contemporary look, a traditional look, or the conventional western look.  Shop our 24”- 36” Door Opening

Our Saloon  Doors | Café Doors style are also used in theater rooms, bar rooms, or man caves.  The saloon doors | café doors can give the traditional look of a saloon | bar.

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Swinging Café Doors can be used in a residential or commercial setting. They have been used in national chain restaurants, coffee shops, cafés, and local restaurants.  These saloon doors | café doors are used instead of the impact door and give a warm look with real wood.  We can make a restaurant door for you.  Shop NOW!

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