Swing Doors vs. Accordion Door: What's the Best Option?

Swing Doors vs. Accordion Door: What's the Best Option?

Posted by Todd Crissman On 29th Oct 2019

Saloon Door vs. Accordion Door: What's the Difference?

A doorway's function is to grant people access to pass through a wall.

Doors are a gateway from one room to another. Sometimes they can be visually appealing, other times, they are just a means to an end. But their sonic privacy and protection make them imperative for any building.

A saloon door is no different. Though often seen in Western movies, they still exist outside of Hollywood. They serve their purpose in ways that may surprise you.

They are simple to install and a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to any interior space. Find out why a swing door wins over a traditional accordion door.

The Features of a Swing Door

Batwing Raised Panel Saloon DoorsSaloon doors, also known as crew doors, have different aesthetic designs. You can find them paneled, louvered, or even planked. No matter we build them, they are popular for their physical characteristics.

For one, they come in a variety of lengths and widths whether you prefer them as half doors or full doors. You can choose the height that is the best fit for your application.

They also have bi-directional hinges. They do not seal doorways and provide the same protection an accordion door provides. Depending on the hinge option, you could hold the doors open.

They do, however, provide a useful visual barrier. In certain places, a swing door can provide enough privacy between rooms. No track to install and can be installed with a door jamb. Swing doors can be installed in a non-traditional door opening with the use of trim boards. Today swing doors come in a variety of designs, from swinging barn doors to modern swing doors and traditional saloon doors. For example, a Nineteenth-century themed bar would have a saloon-style door to subtly hide what's happening inside.

The Benefits of an Accordion Door

Accordion DoorAccordion doors are a quick and budget-friendly way to divide space. They suspend from an overhead track and provide a divided space right away. You won't need floor tracks and can prevent tripping hazards or collecting dust and debris.

An accordion door can have some impact-resistant and wrinkle-free cover over the usual drapery look. A laminated cover like that adds strength and stability to your door. It's also unique and more resistant to tears, punctures, rips, and cuts.

What an accordion door especially has over a swing door is its sound protection. Some acoustical models have multi-ply sweep strips along the top, bottom, and both sides of the door. These are better at absorbing sound and sealing out excess noise from the room.

Why Not Have a Full Door?

Perhaps you believe you can save on materials by not installing a normal, full door instead. Or if your main purpose is to block the view, installing outer doors could replace saloon doors. However, there are many other reasons to reconsider installing a double swing door.

Swinging doors have bi-directional cafe door hinges and no door handle. This allows the door to easily swing back and forth without using your hands to open them. It reduces surface area and greatly reduces the weight so that it's even easier to push through.

Accordion doors in comparison require a much easier setup and installation.
You can choose from heavy-duty aluminum track systems to accommodate your ceiling. The track has inter-locking keys for more precise alignment than saloon doors. Making these some of the most effective at latching the door closed at all times.

Bottom Line

Looking for a unique and customized swinging door for your home or business? We have custom made thousands of saloon doors, barn doors, and modern swing doors for commercial or residential use. Let us make you a custom swing door today!