​Why Bommer Hinges Are Your Best Bet for Saloon Door Hinges

​Why Bommer Hinges Are Your Best Bet for Saloon Door Hinges

Posted by Todd Crissman On 17th Nov 2021

Why Bommer Hardware Is Your Best Bet for Specialized Door Hinges

Need saloon door hinges? Enter Bommer Hardware for the win. Discover the advantages of using Bommer for your saloon door needs.

Saloon doors give off that old-time vibe that can bring you back to simpler days where people were less worried about Instagram and more concerned with a stiff drink and some neighborhood fun.

That said, just because cafe doors inspire images of a Wild West saloon, that doesn't mean they don't have other practical applications. Saloon doors are extremely easy to install, cost-effective, and allow for privacy without completely isolating a space. These cafe doors work great in master bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantry and kitchens just to name a few. But not all saloon doors are created equal, Swinging Cafe Doors offers the best variety, selection, and knowledge on the internet.

Swinging Cafe Door is proud to offer Bommer hardware. In fact, Bommer hinges are great for saloon doors. Here's why. Bommer offers high quality double action hinges, pivot hardware and spring hinges.


How easily you can get a hinge has an impact on which hinge is the "best." Hinges break, and accessibility, or lack of, can make or break a company. Bommer hardware distribution passes the availability test. You might not find them at Home Depot, but if you know where to look, Bommer hinges are readily available. A large variety bommer hinges can ship the same day or next day. Here at Swinging Cafe Doors, we stock a large selection of double action swing hinges.


Hinges get used every day. When you're selecting a hinge, you're selecting hardware that's guaranteed to get abused over and over again. People like Bommer hinges because they're durable and well built. Their double action spring hinge design is one of the their most popular hinge design and is available in 3" to 8" sizes. Bommer offers a large selection of pivot hinges as well. Double Action spring hinges are perfect for high-traffic areas like hospitals, homes, schools, and other public spaces because of their durability. Bommer Hardware offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Bommer double action hinges' works best using three hinges per door. The extra hinges help keep the door balanced. Install the first hinge at the very top of the door, the next hinge 2 to 3 inches below the top hinge, and the last hinge 7 inches from the bottom of the door. Double acting spring hinges are great but lack a hold open feature.

This design allows Bommer hinged doors to open smoothly. The door's lifespan increases as well, thanks to the bottom hinge preventing against binding or uneven tensioning.

Bommer offer a large variety of specialty hinges, from Bommer horizontal spring hinges to pivot hinges. The 7500 Series, is a great gravity pivot hinge that work well with saloon doors. The gravity pivot hinges allow for a hold open feature in either direction at 90 degrees. Bommer is well know for their heavy duty pivot hinges.

Bommer hinges can fit a variety of door size from 18" to 42" wide. There is a large bommer hinge selection available on our website. If you need help selecting the proper hinge for your doors, please call 1-855-343-6677. We will gladly help you select the perfect saloon door hinge for your door(s). Bommer offers spring hinges, pivot hinges and a large variety of specialty products, we can order any bommer products you need. 


As we described above, Bommer hinges are not difficult to install. All it takes is a drill, a ruler, and knowledge surrounding how the hinges operate. Instructions are include with each hinge. We also offer the hinge template and instructions on each bommer hinge listing.

A quick install is also great when you're making repairs. Though the hinges are extremely durable, you'll have to replace them eventually. Most of the time each set of hinges fail at their own pace.

Buy Bommer Hinges

The most difficult part about a Bommer hinge is finding a good supplier. Yes, they're widespread and available from many different retailers. However, not every retailer carries every kind of Bommer hinge. It's important to find a retailer with varied hinge stock.

That's why we want to welcome you to visit our saloon door hinge selection. At Swinging Cafe Doors, we carry a large stock of Bommer hinges, and we'd love to talk to you about all the ways you can use them.

We also carry a range of other saloon door products. Give us a call at 1-855-343-6677 or get in touch with us here!