Bommer Double-Action Hinges

Bommer has set the standard of excellence for double-action door hardware since 1876. Bommer offers a comprehensive range of superior products, including double-acting spring hinges, specialty door hardware and gate pivot hinges. Bommer hinges are widely recognized as the leading high-quality, American-made hardware designed for high-traffic areas.

Types of Bommer Double-Acting Door Hinges We Offer

Bommer hinges are world-renowned, durable hinges perfect for residential and commercial applications. Swinging Café Doors supplies an extensive selection of Bommer hinges, including:

  • 1514: Bommer's 1514 hinge is a louver-door double-acting spring hinge ideal for light-duty applications. The 1514 hinge consists of durable steel and offers easily adjustable spring tension. This hinge also comes with an optional hold-open feature.
  • 3029: We offer Bommer 3029 hinges in various styles for many applications, including saloon doors, cafe doors, gates, and other swinging door designs. These double-action spring hinges allow doors to open in either direction and self-return to the center. Bommer 3029 hinges include adjustable tension and are non-hold open.
  • 7512: Our most popular Bommer hinge is the 7512. This hold-open pivot hinge uses gravity, allowing the doors to open in either direction and automatically return to the center. The hold-open feature is available in both directions when the hinge reaches 90 degrees. 
  • 7800: For full-height saloon doors in commercial applications, we recommend the 7800 heavy-duty series. These hinges offer anti-friction bearings and adjustable spring tension with non-hold open and non-handed features to deliver many years of reliable use.

Advantages of Partnering With Swinging Café Doors for Bommer Hinges

At Swinging Café Doors, we're committed to supplying you with the highest-quality swinging doors, hardware, and accessories. We purchased many varieties of Bommer hinges enables us to provide some Bommer hinges, in stock currently in mid-2023. Since Bommer closed their hinge manufacturing, Swinging Cafe Doors will continue to provide a vast range of double action hardware, offering a solution for nearly any application, from light- and heavy-duty to residential and commercial.

Include an alternative to the Bommer 3029, Swinging Cafe Doors offer double action spring hinges in 3" 4" 5" 6"sizes

In addition to the Bommer brand, we offer our own line of double-action hinges in a wide range of sizes.

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