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Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Doors | Swinging Cafe Doors

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Ships in 1-2 weeks Unfinished/ 2-3 weeks Finished
Custom/ In Stock:
Custom Made
Soft Maple
Red Oak
Rustic Alder
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 24"-36"
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 36"-42"
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 42"-48"
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 48"-54"
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 54"-60"
Door Style:
Full Length
Door Style:
Raised Panels
Door Feature:
Square Top
Professionally Stained
Professionally Painted
Option Set:
Door Thickness:
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*This purchase includes a pair of doors and selected hardware

Colonial Raised Panel Wooden Western Swinging Bar Saloon | Café Door

A colonial raised panel saloon door is great for adding privacy, while maintaining an overall open feel.  The door is made a high quality wood and can complement any design.  The raised panel show traditional craftsmanship and help contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. These custom doors allows you to tailor the doors to your specific preferences and the requirements of your space. Perfect for a home or business this classic design comes with double action hardware, the hardware will allow the door to swing in either direction and self return to center. 

What is the Purpose for Saloon Doors?

The Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Doors will be custom made to fit your opening size. We do the hard work for you.... we will calculate the correct door sizes allowing clearance for the hardware and between the swinging doors. Sending you a ready to hang set of beautiful interior doors perfectly sized to fit your opening. No cutting, shimming or demo work required.

 Door Features

• HAND CRAFTED from SOLID WOOD- See Available Wood Options
• Raised Panels on both sides of the doors
• Strong 1-3/8" Thick Doors
• Custom Made to fit your opening and delivered in Perfect Condition
• Doors are Made in the USA in a small woodshop with American Hardwood!
• Easy to install
• Choose from Unfinished Doors (Completely sanded and ready for paint or stain) or Professionally Finished Doors (Stained or Painted)
• For Home or Business
• Provides privacy, yet allows light, air, & conversation
• Doors swing both ways & automatically returns to center
• Saloon Doors are great for dividing spaces and maximizing mobility between them

Door Wood Material (See Choices Above)All doors are custom created using the finest natural woods available and are finished by hand.
• Poplar – Unfinished wood, A strong hardwood that is creamy white in color and may include streaks varying from pale yellowish brown to olive green (Paint Grade)
• Eastern White Pine - Commonly has knots and is a pale brown, with occasional reddish brown streaks
• Soft Maple - Mostly straight grained sapwood, light blond with a gray cast sometimes; heartwood color varies from light to dark reddish brown with occasional dark brown flecks
• Ash – A light color to nearly white with heartwood varying from grayish to light brown. The wood is generally straight grained and uniform in texture
• Red Oak – Medium range of color variability from lighter tan tones with pinkish highlights to darker browns.
• Sapele – An African hardwood, highly sought after and similar to Mahogany. Sapele’s colors are slightly redder than that of Mahogany
• Rustic Alder - A hardwood of medium density that features a color range of light browns with reddish hues and can feature large split knots and open knots
• Cherry - As a fine uniform straight grain that varies in color from rich red to reddish brown
• Professionally Finished Doors - Offering professionally stained doors and painted doors.

Door Hardware (See Choices Above)- All hardware is double action; allowing the doors to swing open in both directions and self-return to center. What's the best hinges for Saloon Doors?
• Standard Gravity Hinges-Hinges available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, & Black
• Premium Gravity Hinges-Heavy duty hinges include “hold-open” feature (Brass Finish Only)
• Commercial Grade Spring Hinges-Non-Hold Open, adjustable tension; Available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze & Black
• Commercial Grade Gravity Hinges-Allows for wider doors and includes “hold-open” feature; Available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze & Black
• Commercial Grade Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinges-Allows for maximum door height, with a “hold-open” feature; Available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze & Black

Door Upgrades
Commercial Grade- 30% Stronger Doors
Trim Boards- Trim boards are fastened to the wall. Then the door hardware will be attached to the trim boards
Door Accessories-- Including latches, pulls and decorative accents
Commercial Grade Doors with Push Plates- 30% stronger doors with Door Push Plates included- Provide strength and protection

Customize a Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Door and Order Online Today

This classic door design is a perfect addition to your bathroom, office, kitchen.  A colonial style door typically refers to a door design that reflects the architectural characteristics of Colonial-style homes, which were prevalent in the American colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Colonial architecture is known for its symmetry, simplicity, and classical influences. Add a Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Door to your home today!