What is the Purpose for Saloon Doors?

What is the Purpose for Saloon Doors?

On 20th Jul 2021

What is the purpose for Saloon Doors?

Let us discuss the top 6 reasons for installing saloon doors in your home today. Saloon doors are traditional double swinging doors that are installed with double action hardware. These doors can be installed in a kitchen, living room, pantry, closet, bathroom, office, or bedroom. Saloon doors can be half doors or full-length doors. Installation for saloon doors is easy and quick compared to a traditional door with a jamb.

1. Privacy

Saloon doors can add privacy. Saloon doors come in a large variety of lengths that allow you to choose how much or how little privacy you would like to have. The doors are a perfect addition to a master bathroom where there is a door opening but no door installed. Saloon doors can be customized for your required length, making them a perfect option for adding privacy to a room in your home or business.

2. Airflow

Saloon doors allow for additional airflow into and out of adjacent spaces. Unlike traditional doors, half-length saloon doors allow for heat and air conditioning to flow. You can also increase max airflow by purchasing shorter saloon doors.

3. Conversation

Saloon doors can also allow for easier conversation than a traditional door. Whether you are installing the doors into a residential or commercial setting, easy conversation is an additional benefit to saloon doors.

4. Partial Separation

Custom saloon doors will allow you to optimize the partial separation you would like between spaces. Unlike traditional doors, saloon doors can allow for partial separation. Saloon doors can be installed at the bottom of the opening like a gate for a child or pet. Saloon doors offer a solid stable gate that can have a lock installed. These doors will still allow for the air and conversation to flow but stop the children or pet from entering the area.

5. Doors Can Be Pushed Open Easily and Close Automatically

Saloon doors do not require handles to open the door; they can simply be pushed to the open position and then the door will self-return to center. Double action hardware that is installed on saloon doors will make opening and closing the doors a breeze. Saloon doors can be pushed or pulled open and then the hardware will return the door to center automatically.

6. Beautiful Design Saloon Doors

These are not the saloon doors of the past. Saloon doors can have glass panels, shaker panels, raised panels, spindles, barn door styling, louvers, beadboard design, and scroll design. Saloon doors are available in modern design, craftsman design, traditional design, and of course a western design. These doors are being installed into designer spaces because of the great versatility for homes and businesses. Take a new look at this style doors and see where it can be installed into your home. The design options are endless and the double action hinges add a great function to saloon doors.