Commercial Swinging Doors | Impact Doors 

Do you have a commercial space that could benefit from a saloon door | café door | impact door?

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Swinging Cafe Doors are a great solution for a commercial impact door.  We offer solid wood, swinging saloon doors | cafe doors in many different appealing designs, which can be custom made to fit your particular needs.  Whether you looking for a solution in a Bar, Saloon, Restaurant, Cafe, Saloon, Fitness Center, Campground, Casino, or any other business,  we can help you with your impact door needs.  


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Our aesthetically pleasing doors will allow light, air, and conversation to flow, while providing separation and the ability to conceal certain areas from the view of your patrons.  We customize the door height and width, which will allow for the perfect fit inside your commercial space.  Our doors have been installed in many commercial applications, including Bars, Saloons, Restaurants, Salons, Casinos, Country Clubs, Cafes, Diners, and Takeout Restaurants.  Our doors provide a great alternative to traditional impact doors!