4 Incredible Benefits of Swinging Doors For Your Restaurant

4 Incredible Benefits of Swinging Doors For Your Restaurant

Posted by Todd Crissman On 24th Apr 2023

4 Incredible Benefits of Swinging Doors For Your Restaurant

The number of new restaurants in America has grown as entrepreneurs chase their dreams of owning a restaurant. In fact, there were over 660,000 restaurants in the United States in 2018.

If you're looking to join the statistic and open a restaurant, this article is for you. While your menu offerings will bring customers in the door, your restaurant's aesthetic will keep them coming back. Installing restaurant swinging doors for your restaurant offers a myriad of benefits.

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1. Provides Privacy

Privacy Door The number one benefit of swinging saloon doors for the kitchen is privacy—for both your customers and staff.

Your customers will appreciate the added privacy. An open view of a loud, busy kitchen can be distracting and hinders the dining experience. If they're seated near the kitchen area, they won't feel like employees are listening to their conversation and watching them eat.

Your staff members can enjoy the privacy of cooking and other kitchen duties without customer onlookers. They'll appreciate the opportunity to be themselves while providing the service that's expected of them.

2. Allow Light, Air, Conversation Through

Kitchen Porthole Door While swinging cafe doors allow privacy, they still let light, air flow, and conversation flow throughout the restaurant.

Dark kitchens pose safety concerns and decrease the productivity of your staff. If all your natural light is in the dining area, you want that light to flow into your kitchen as well. Saloon doors allow light to flow below and above them, keeping all areas of your restaurant properly-lit.

These openings are also great for air flow in your restaurant. Proper air circulation is important for your customers, and it also allows the great aroma of cooking food to enter your dining area.

3. Ease of Use

Restaurant swinging doors are great because of their functionality. Restaurant swinging doors offer the easiest operation for waiters and the best customer experience.

They're built to allow the door to swing open in either direction. Once opened, the doors self-return to their center position. This allows your servers to enter the dining room with large trays of food with ease.

The automatic close feature ensures the privacy feature of the doors and leaves less work for your staff.

4. Hold-Open Feature

There are times when you need to hold a door open for an extended period of time. Maybe you are delivering a large order or setting up the dining room before the restaurant opens. Saloon swinging doors are available with a handy hold-open feature.

Most doors with gravity hinges and some with spring hinges have this feature. Just set the door in its hold-open location and your staff can walk through without having to physically hold the door open on their own. Once the task is complete, simply push the door(s) to engage the standard double action feature and it will return the door to its closed position on its own.

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