Why Install Restaurant Swinging Doors?

Why Install Restaurant Swinging Doors?

Posted by Amanda On 17th Nov 2021

Why Install Restaurant Swinging Doors?

In an ever-changing world, the restaurant industry is one place that has been turned upside-down recently. As restaurants continue to re-open, people are truly looking to enjoy their dining experience. Restaurants continue to renovate and adapt to ensure a safe dining experience. Since the global pandemic, going out to eat and enjoying a delicious meal in a restaurant is no longer taken for granted.

Whether you are looking to do a full-scale renovation or a simple refresh of your restaurant, considering swinging doors is a must. These doors will add function, style, and ease of use to your restaurant space.

Swinging Kitchen Doors

Adding double swinging doors between the kitchen and dining room is a very traditional use of swinging doors. These doors will help to provide privacy to your kitchen staff. As well as providing a noise barrier to your dining space. The doors will swing in both directions and self-return to the center. The swinging door can be simply pushed up. The swinging door can be installed as a single door or a set of doors, when installing a set of doors, you can make one side for entering the kitchen and then the other side for exiting the kitchen. Adding a window to the kitchen swinging door will ensure ease of use.

Separating Spaces

These swinging doors can be added to increase social distancing or to simply separate spaces. Take out orders have continued to increase. You might find you need a “take out zone” for your restaurant. Adding saloon doors will help to separate the space from your restaurant without much effort. The doors can be installed in a door opening, no jamb is necessary. This will help you to adapt the space you already have to meet your needs. Providing employee only locations can also be a great use for saloon doors. To increase safety for your employee and patrons, you might install saloon doors to increase social distancing. Swinging doors can be made in a variety of lengths and widths to provide the best fit for your application.

Bathroom Doors

Bathrooms are already a small space in a restaurant, adding traditional doors can make the space too crowded. Installing swinging doors will allow for the doors to be touched less, the hardware will automatically return the doors to the center and will provide simple ease of use. The doors can still provide the privacy necessary in a bathroom application.

Once you have decided on a swinging door, you will need to decide on the material, finishing, and hardware.


Swinging doors can be made from steel, wood, and laminate materials.

Steel Swinging Doors

Steel swinging doors will provide an industrial feel to your restaurant. These doors come in a few design options and limited sizes. The steel will hold up and is easy to maintain. These doors function properly but fail to provide a decorative design.

Wood Swinging Doors

Wood swinging doors can be made in a variety of styles, here are over 100 wooden swinging doors options. These doors can be customized in width, height, finishing, and features many hardware options. These doors will be warm and welcoming adding some pizzazz that people will not soon forget. The doors will be strong, functional, and easy to clean.

Laminate Swinging Doors

Laminate swinging doors can be made in several design options. The laminate material would offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishing options. The doors can still be customized for your door opening, door heights, and hardware. These doors will be easy to use and provide a solid door for your restaurant.


When painting or staining wood doors, make sure you use a high-quality durable paint/stain. Swinging Café Doors professional finished doors, use a professional grade paint to ensure durable painted doors. We recommend adding push plates or kick plates will help to keep the doors looking their best. The push/kick plates will keep the frequently touched surfaces protected.


If you are installing the doors in a commercial application, we also recommend commercial hardware. The doors will be swinging, and you want to make sure you pick hardware that will work for your application. The first decision, hold open or non-hold open- that will help determine the best hardware option.

Hold open Option

Commercial grade gravity hinges these pivot hinges will mount to the top and bottom of the doors and will need some space about 6 hinges. The hardware is a great option that will allow the doors to hold open in either direction at 90 degrees.

Full length doors with hold open feature can be achieved with  commercial grade horizontal spring pivot hinge. The hinge will still mount to the top and bottom of the doors. The hinge will be recessed into the bottom of the door allow for a more modern look to the doors.

Non-Hold Open Option

Commercial grade spring hinges are a spring-loaded hinge that mounts to the side of the doors. The spring hinges allow for full length doors but do not have a hold open feature. These hinges will have some noise associated with use.

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