Common Saloon Door Installation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Did you just buy your first swinging door from Swinging Cafe Doors? Here are the common saloon door installation mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own swinging door!

Now that the time for your door installation has finally arrived, please allow me to walk you through some of the more useful do's and do not's of hanging a saloon door in your home or business.

With this guide, you'll be able to safely and easily install your new centerpiece with no hassle. Keep reading and discover the basics of saloon door hanging.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Though it should only take an hour or two to install; a misunderstanding of the door itself is one of the biggest factors in many unsuccessful installations. 

There are a variety of hinges available, but the most common hinges are pivot hinge or spring hinges. These hinges are what allows for the door to swing unimpeded in both directions and self return to center.

Tips for a Successful Door Purchase and Install

Beyond avoiding popular mistakes, it is best that you take these pro-active steps to ensure that your installation experience is a pleasant one.

If you are careful to avoid these following mistakes and sure to take into account the door's structural needs, you will be well on your way to enjoying your new purchase.

    • Failing to Adequately Examine the Reveals
      • While it is standard for swinging doors to be anywhere from 18-24 inches off the ground, depending on the style you choose the appropriate height could be higher or lower than the average range. Identifying the correct height to install the doors, controls what will be revealed between the two spaces. Choose carefully so you can highlight or hide views of adjacent spaces. Choose the right door height to accommodate the desired reveal.
    • Be Sure to Inspect the Doorway Before Ordering and Installing Your Door
      • If your opening is standard 24", 30", 32" or 36" you will have a great volume of choices. If your opening is not standard then we would suggest custom doors to ensure a perfect fit.
    • Ensure the door frame is plumb
      • Measure the top, middle and bottom width dimension of your door opening. If the door frame is not plumb (the dimension varies) then you will likely be required to shim the hinges away from the wall to ensure an even gap between the swinging doors. In the case the doorway is not plumb, order doors based on the shortest width dimension.
    • Be Sure to Get the Appropriate Size/Type of Hinge
      • There are a variety of types and sizes of hinges that change depending on the size and shape of the door. Check and see that you have the compatible hinge for your door before you install it.
    • Carefully measure to ensure the doors are mounted directly across from one another
      • This is perhaps the most critical step as the doors will only line up if they are mounted directly across from one another.
      • Using the Improper Screw Size/Over-tightening
      • Using too small of a screw can lead to movement overtime that will damage the door and hinges. Over-tightening similarly weakens the integrity of the screws over long periods of time. Also, make sure that the screws are hitting the studs in the walls.

Installing Your Door

Though the variety of elements involved in swinging door installation may seem daunting, I promise, if you're careful to avoid the common mistakes and take a pro-active role in ensuring you have accounted for the fit of the door - you will be just fine.

Saloon doors are an absolute pleasure to have in any home or business. Safe, sanitary, and silent; these classic pieces are sure to change the way any room feels.

Order one now, and get started today!