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Custom-Made Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are among the most practical solutions for any interior space, whether you're trying to enhance a room's appearance or improve the overall traffic flow. These doors operate smoothly in both directions and self-return to the entryway's center point. Custom swinging doors built to your taste and style can add a unique feel to your room that you can't find anywhere else.


Swinging Café Doors specializes in custom-built interior and exterior doors for your home or business. We offer over 70 swinging door designs tailor-made to your exact measurements. You can customize your door design with various wood options, including white pine, ash, poplar, oak, alder, cherry and more.

Types of Custom-Order Swinging Doors We Offer

Swinging Café Doors offers an extensive selection of swinging doors, these custom doors can be built to your specific size and design specifications. The doors can be flush, modern, barn, or traditional style doors with many hinge and jamb options. Our doors are efficient, durable, and easy to open. The custom doors are delivered to your address, allowing fast, easy shipping options. Swinging doors allow for easy access for everyone, whether in a busy restaurant or a quiet room in your home.

Swinging Café Doors can also design a custom design door for your opening. Perfect custom doors that you are looking for can include double action doors for a restaurant, café, or coffee shop or custom French doors for a closet or pantry. We offer a wide range of styles and designs to ensure the perfect custom doors for your application.  Swinging Café Doors hardware is not limited to double action, most of our door design can be installed with butt hinges with a little modification necessary, just select the perfect hardware option at checkout and get your custom doors shipped and ready for installation.


We offer various styles with plain, painted or stained finishing options. The design options are limitless, from saloon-style  and louvered doors to barn-style and glass interior doors. 


Several examples of the types of swinging doors we offer include:

  • Single-swinging doors: Single-swinging doors are perfect for restricted spaces and narrow openings in bathrooms, pantries, kitchens and more.
  • Double-swinging doors: Double-swinging doors maximize space efficiency and enhance the appearance in entryways of nearly any size. They are also ideal for improving traffic flow in busy areas like kitchens, restaurants and other commercial spaces.
  • Exterior swinging doors: We offer an extensive selection of swinging doors and gates for outdoor applications, including high-density polyethylene, plastic lumber and other weather-resistant options.
  • Custom French Doors: Swinging Café Doors offers several French Door designs, with many hardware options, finishing, and sizing. These French Door designs allow for windows, and modern design and are a beautiful addition to your space.
  • Custom-sized Doors: Get a custom-sized door to fit your exact door opening size, a perfect fit with all door prepping done for hinges. Swinging Café Doors offers millions of custom door configurations to ensure the perfect custom door for your application.
  • Custom Interior Glass Doors: Glass doors can be frosted, clear, or decorative glass options for our custom doors. Glass doors allow extra light to flow and create a grand entrance to your individual space.

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If you want to learn more about how to customize a swinging door for your home or business, the experts at Swinging Café Doors can guide you. We can help you determine the correct measurements and assist you with choosing the most attractive, practical and efficient solution for your space. Call 855-343-4903 today to get started.