Custom-Built Cafe | Saloon Doors

Swinging Café Doors specializes in custom saloon doors that are made to fit your exact door opening.  Swinging Café Doors offers over 70 swinging door designs.  Custom saloon doors can be made from a variety of woods including poplar, eastern white pine, ash, red oak, sapele, rustic alder, and cherry wood.  The saloon doors can be finished as well. We offer a wide variety of finishing options including painted and stained saloon doors.  Each set of custom saloon doors are custom made for the door opening selected.  The wood is selected, cut, assembled, and processed into custom saloon doors for your exact door opening size.


Custom café doors up to 60” wide can be ordered on our website. Please use our Custom Quote form if your door opening is more than 60” wide. The saloon door height can be 38”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 70”- 95” tall, or anywhere in between.  Custom doors are sized and mortised when required based on the hardware that you select.


Swinging Café Doors continuously expands our design selections to meet new trends.  We can also custom make a design you have in mind.  Let Swinging Café Doors build you a custom set of saloon doors for your home or business today available in many style include, modern, contemporary, porthole, traditional, barn, and many more. Saloon Doors made to fit your opening size. Swinging Cafe Doors offers the largest variety of high quality saloon doors and cafe doors.  These custom doors are available in endless options from door design, door width, height and hardware options, customize your doors today.