Modern Interior Door Buying Guide

Interior doors are one of the most critical structural components for every home and business. Swinging doors offer homes a practical solution for separating spaces and creating privacy between rooms while increasing aesthetic appeal. Interior doors for businesses improve traffic flow by maximizing functionality in buildings like restaurants, cafés, office buildings and retail stores.


The modern collection from Swinging Café Doors features an extensive selection of products with various contemporary styles, colors and finishes. Our customization capabilities enable us to create a solution unique to your style and design preferences. Our doors are tailor-made to your exact measurements, ensuring a perfect fit in your door opening every time.

Types of Modern Interior Doors We Offer

Our modern door selection includes double-swinging, single-swinging and slab doors to meet nearly any space requirement in your home or business. Double-swinging doors use sets of double-action hinges that install on the frame to allow each door to operate independently of the other and swing in both directions. These doors are perfect for larger entryways and spaces with frequent two-way movement.


Single swinging doors, butler doors, come as a single door and are ideal for narrow openings with adequate clearance.

Swinging Café Doors supplies modern swinging saloon doors with various finishes, including painted or stained options. We can customize a swinging door in almost any width and heights. We include all the necessary hardware with each purchase to ensure a smooth and easy installation and a perfect fit. 


Several examples of the modern door designs we offer include:

Modern Glass Doors:

Whether you are looking for a single pane of glass or several panes of glass, we offer many modern doors with glass panes.  The “glass” we use is a plexiglass material to meet codes and allow for easy shipping options.  The plexiglass is very durable and very similar visually  to traditional glass.  Frosted plexiglass is coated with a frosting allow for a muted view thru the glass panes.  The frosted plexiglass will add additional privacy and is recommend for bathroom applications. 

Modern Slat Doors: 

Slat doors will add additional light, air, and conversation to flow between the door opening and adjacent spaces. The slat can be a traditional design or a chevron design. These doors will provide some privacy, but there will be some addition ventilation making the doors perfect for a closet, pantry, and any space where you need to make sure air conditioning and heat can still flow. 

Mid Century Inspired Doors:

These doors offer the classic mid century design.  The mid century design will incorporate the classic modern flair, shaker panels, and equal size panels on the doors.  We offer the mid century door design as a single butler door, double swinging doors and even glass panes on the doors.  These modern doors are a great option to update your home or business.  These doors can be painted or stained. 

Porthole Doors 

These modern contemporary doors are perfect for a residential or commercial application.  The porthole window can be frosted or clear glass, the location of the window can be customized. The porthole door is available in several design options including double swinging doors, single butler door, and saloon style doors. This design is very popular for restaurant applications.

Advantages of Choosing Swinging Café Doors for Modern Interior Doors

Learn More About Modern Interior Doors at Swinging Café Doors

The modern interior door collection at Swinging Café Doors has something for everyone, whether you want to improve traffic efficiency at your business or brighten up your home's appearance. Browse our comprehensive online selection of modern doors and place your order today for fast delivery to your location. We can also customize a modern door to your specific design, material, color and finish preference.


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