Swinging doors are very versatile and at Swinging Cafe Doors we offer a wide range of door designs and door sizes.  These Modern Interior Doors | Contemporary Doors will work well in any door opening.   These modern doors can bring in the fancy modern lines and modern design aspects.  Swinging Café Doors continues to strive to add new door designs to our portfolio yearly.   We continue to include more modern interior design doors.  These modern interior doors | contemporary doors will work well in a commercial or residential application.  These modern doors showcase modern design elements such as shaker panels, glass panes, slats, mid-century details, and porthole windows. 

These modern doors are perfect for any location.  When the doors are installed in a full height application it will give a “grand” feel to the entrance.  Add these doors as a focal point and add class and elegance to the entrance as well.  The swinging doors modern line allows for easy access and full-length coverage with selected hardware.  Modern interior doors are great for pantry doors, bathroom doors, entrance doors, office doors, kitchen doors, closet doors, and laundry room doors. The doors are available in door openings from 24” wide to over 48” wide, many different wood species, and door heights of 38”, 42”, 48”, 60” and 70”-95” inches tall (custom heights available as well).  The doors will add an elegant statement to any room. Pull handles and push plates are available at an additional cost. 

Modern Glass Doors:

Whether you are looking for a single pane of glass or several panes of glass, we offer many modern doors with glass panes.  The “glass” we use is a plexiglass material to meet codes and allow for easy shipping options.  The plexiglass is very durable and very similar visually  to traditional glass.  Frosted plexiglass is coated with a frosting allow for a muted view thru the glass panes.  The frosted plexiglass will add additional privacy and is recommend for bathroom applications. 

Modern Slat Doors: 

Slat doors will add additional light, air, and conversation to flow between the door opening and adjacent spaces. The slat can be a traditional design or a chevron design. These doors will provide some privacy, but there will be some addition ventilation making the doors perfect for a closet, pantry, and any space where you need to make sure air conditioning and heat can still flow. 

Mid Century Inspired Doors:

These doors offer the classic mid century design.  The mid century design will incorporate the classic modern flair, shaker panels, and equal size panels on the doors.  We offer the mid century door design as a single butler door, double swinging doors and even glass panes on the doors. 

Porthole Doors 

These modern contemporary doors are perfect for a residential or commercial application.  The porthole window can be frosted or clear glass, the location of the window can be customized. The porthole door is available in several design options including double swinging doors, single butler door, and saloon style doors. This design is very popular for restaurant applications.

The Modern Interior Doors are offered with a wide variety of hinge options.  Installing these modern doors with double action hinges, (available on all door designs also) allows for the doors to swing in both direction and self-return to center. Several of the double action hinges allow for a hold open feature as well.  The doors can have a non-hold open option with the commercial grade spring hinges, and a hold open feature with the commercial grade gravity hinges and commercial grade horizontal spring pivot. The commercial grade horizontal spring pivot allows for full coverage on the modern doors with a hold open feature, as shown below. The commercial grade hinges are required on all doors over 70" tall.