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Modern Swinging Doors

The modern collection from Swinging Café Doors can be a quick home renovation that delivers an impactful design change. Doors are one of the first things you need in a space and should not be overlooked. Contemporary or modern doors can add a mid-century vibe with glass, shaker or wood elements. 


We offer modern interior doors in both stained and painted options with a wide range of hardware choices. The most common hardware for modern double doors is sliding or barn-style, traditional butt hinges or double-action, saloon-style hardware. Each of these hardware options offers different benefits.  

Benefits of Contemporary Interior Swinging Doors

Modern swinging doors typically install with double-action hardware, enabling installation with or without a typical door jamb. The double-action hinges allow the doors to swing open in either direction, while the hinge automatically self-returns to the center. Installation can be a quick and easy process using an existing opening.  


Whether you are looking for a mid-century design or a full glass door, Swinging Café Doors offers the largest selection of double or single swinging modern interior doors online, with over a million configurations. Start adding modern design elements to your home with our contemporary door styles. Interior modern doors look perfect as hallway, closet, bathroom, bedroom, office or kitchen doors.


Modern interior doors come in various styles and designs, including hinged interior doors, double-hinged closet doors and modern white bedroom doors. Choosing the direction of how the doors swing can also impact their design and functionality. Correct sizing is critical when ordering, whether you choose a door slab, pocket doors or swinging door options.


Our modern doors allow for customization in color, finish and material. At Swinging Café Doors, we size your door and hardware to fit your opening, making it a simple and easy installation.  

Types of Modern-Style Interior Doors We Offer

Our modern doors are great options for residential and commercial applications and are often used in businesses, office spaces and restaurants. These doors are well constructed and available in custom sizes for fast production, making them an excellent option for a restaurant or commercial renovation.


Our extensive range of modern door options includes:

Modern Barn Doors

A single or double barn door is a great choice for a modern design. Contemporary internal sliding doors can provide a sleek and stylish look, while modern internal panel doors offer a minimalist aesthetic. With a variety of wood species to choose from, you can select a modern flat-panel interior door that fits the style of your home. 


If you're looking for additional information on these modern interior doors, the team at Swinging Café Doors can guide you.

Modern Double Doors

Traditional double doors are associated with grand entrances, larger spaces and wider entrances. When installing modern double doors, you are helping to add to the grandeur of your entrance through design and style. These double doors will help sell your opening as a place not to be missed. 


Double swinging doors offer many double-door design options, even for smaller openings. Swinging Café Doors proviodern double doors in various styles and sizes.

French Doors

Modern French doors are an excellent example of a perfect entryway, providing an easy swing option and a great overall design. French doors are known for their glass and for allowing light to transfer from each room. These doors help modernize the space with light and beautiful doors to showcase either room.  


Our glass-style doors will add to your modern interior. 


Mid-Century Contemporary Doors

Contemporary-designed doors come as sliding, barn doors or mid-century style doors. These sleek, modern designs commonly include glass on the doors, making them aesthetically pleasing while offering a mid-century design element. 


Mid-century contemporary doors make a great design option for contemporary interiors. These custom modern solid core doors allow for the simple, elegant style that the mid-century aesthetic is known for. 

Flush Doors

Flush doors are an excellent option for a modern look. Flush doors have been a staple in interior door designs for many years. These doors are trendy and come in various design options, including pivot, sliding or swinging. Flush door designs typically cost more with the veneer paneling and the door components hidden under the veneer.  


Flush pivot doors are a great option for your bathroom, kitchen, pantry, flex space or office space. The flush door design is a modern update to the mid-century door design and often features glass windows in many shapes.

Modern Glass Doors

Many modern glass designs include glass windows. The addition of glass helps modernize your home style with the addition of sunlight. These modern door designs contain normal shaker or flush panels.  


The glass can be square, circle, rectangle, triangle, diamond or any custom shape. Additional window shapes are available if you want to custom-design a door. Swinging Café Doors continues to create new door designs based on modern trends and customer requests. Glass styles can vary and we offer a wide range of glass options.

Modern Saloon Doors

Swinging Café Doors offers double swinging modern interior doors that are stylish with modern design elements, delivering the perfect blend of design and functionality. Whether you are looking for half or full-length saloon doors, Swinging Café Doors supplies a variety of sizes and designs to fit modern interior door requests. 


Offering contemporary décor, easy installation and self-closing hinges, these beautiful modern interior doors include accents of glass, horizontal slats, porthole, chevron, flush, or French designs, to name a few. The applications range from kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, closets and bedrooms to commercial spaces such as offices and restaurants. The doors are custom-made for your exact door opening size.  


Modern interior doors are an excellent way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. Whether you're looking to update your living room, hallway, or any other area of your home, modern doors can add a sleek and contemporary touch. With their clean lines, minimalistic designs, and use of innovative materials, modern interior doors offer a refreshing and stylish look.


If you're in the market to buy modern interior doors, there are numerous options available to suit your preferences. Contemporary glazed interior doors, for example, feature glass panels that allow natural light to flow through while creating an open and airy feel. They are perfect for spaces where you want to maintain a sense of separation while still enjoying an element of transparency. Additionally, you can find a variety of interior hallway doors that blend seamlessly with modern décor. Whether you prefer solid doors or ones with unique textures or patterns, there are plenty of options to choose from.


When selecting modern interior doors, it's important to consider the direction in which the door swings. Depending on your space and layout, you may need doors that swing inwards or outwards. This consideration ensures that the doors are functional and don't interfere with nearby furniture or other elements in the room. 


Our door styles will add a statement to any space. Swinging Café Doors offers a wide variety of wood options, including unfinished, stained or painted. We customize both the height and width of the doors to perfectly fit your space.

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