Stylish Recycled Plastic Exterior Swinging Doors

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Door Openings Between 24"-36"
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 36"-42"
Door Opening Size:
Door Openings Between 42"-48"
Exterior Outdoor Grade
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Square Top
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*This purchase includes a pair of doors and selected hardware

HDPE Recycled Lumber Outdoor Saloon Doors | Weather Resistant Material Swinging Bar Saloon / Café Door Set

Swinging doors offer unparalleled convenience to any outdoor space. Also called saloon or café doors, our modern style choice is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber and features a sleek aesthetic.

HDPE is a weather-resistant plastic material designed with an attractive wood look. These saloon doors feature a metal frame perfect for more industrial, mod or vintage aesthetics. 

HDPE swinging doors let you separate an exterior space while allowing easy mobility. They are a fantastic option for homes or businesses with open-air showers, deck gates or outdoor bathrooms.

HDPE Exterior Saloon Door Description and Benefits

We customize these stylish doors to your unique specifications to fit perfectly in your door opening.

Here are some more reasons we love HDPE lumber for our line of exterior swinging doors:

  • Durable: Our recycled plastic doors are made to last a lifetime, resisting damage, stains, mold and mildew.
  • Hygenic: HDPE is resistant to bacteria and easy to clean.
  • Waterproof: HDPE is unaffected by water, rainstorms or high humidity.
  • Recycled: HDPE lumber is made from recycled plastic, making it an eco-friendly option.
  • Resists color fading: Choose black, white or one of our other available color finishes. 

Order Your Modern Style HDPE Lumber Swinging Doors

Order your stylish modern-style exterior swing doors today. 

Doors will be custom-made to fit your opening size. We do the hard work for you.... we will calculate the correct door sizes allowing clearance for the hardware and between the swinging doors. Sending you a ready-to-hang set of beautiful exterior doors perfectly sized to fit your opening. No cutting, shimming or demo work required.

If you have questions about ordering your custom HDPE café doors, give us a call at 855-343-4903 or contact us online today

What is the Purpose for Saloon Doors?

View our complete HDPE Eco-friendly Recycled Lumber line.


  • HDPE Plastic Lumber- Durable, Weather-Resistance, Eco-friendly, non-fading, corrsion-resistant building material- made to last a lifetime
  • A timeless, smooth texture with a satin painted wood appearance
  • Can withstand harshest outdoor conditions
  • Material will not warp, rot or delaminate when exposed to humidity and water
  • Custom Made to fit your opening and delivered in Perfect Condition
  • Doors are Made in the USA in a small woodshop with American Hardwood!
  • For Home or Business
  • Provides privacy, yet allows light, air, and conversation
  • Doors swing both ways and automatically return to center
  • Swinging Doors are great for dividing spaces and maximizing mobility between them


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All hardware is double action; allowing the doors to swing open in both directions and self-return to center.

  • Commercial Grade Gravity Box Clamp Hinges: Hold-open feature; Available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, & Black

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