3 Best Locks For Sliding Barn Doors- Perfect Lock Options

Posted by Amanda On 9th Jan 2023

3 Best Locks for Sliding Barn Doors

Adding to the style and functionality of your home, barn doors remain an ideal choice for any home or business. It generally comprises a wooden door that slides onto a metallic rail. When the door is opened, each panel would slide onto the side to neatly hang against the walls. This simple functionality and unique style make barn doors beneficial in many ways.

One of the greatest advantages of a barn door is that it remains a space-saving alternative. When compared to a traditional hinged door, barn doors do not require any additional clearance space to operate. The doors remain the perfect choice for small bathrooms, stores, or any tight comer. Barn doors also function as efficient partition doors. The door could be fully open to connect your room with an adjoining area or closed to offer more privacy. Besides its efficiency and functionality, a barn door remains popular due to its statement-making style. Wooden barn doors remain full of personality and charm to liven up your home. It is a great way to bring a chic and rustic appeal to your space.

While barn doors have a variety of advantages, many restrain from using a barn door due to the lack of a locking system. Just the addition of a simple locking hardware can enable you to fasten the door and attain the maximum benefit of this versatile and stylish door. In fact, multiple kinds of locks can be used to fasten the doors. Following are the three best locking hardware to fasten and lock a barn door.

Hook and Eye Latch Lock:

One of the most common and versatile locks for barn doors is a hook and eye latch. The lock presents an easy and simple mechanism that suits a variety of applications. It allows a barn door to be locked from both inside and outside, or even comes in handy for locking two doors together. The hook and eye latch comprise two components, a curved hook that would fit into a round latch or eye. This implies that you only need a few screws to install the lock and need to ensure that the hook and eye connect easily whenever you close the door.

Being a convenient way to fasten a door, hook and eye latch is perfect for any room that requires privacy. It is a great option for bathrooms where you can easily lock the door from the inside. The lock also works great for barn doors that are used for sectioning a dining room and living area. This way you can maximize space or completely separate the rooms according to your preference. You can even use a hook and eye lock for effectively securing a pantry or den room door.

Hook and eye locks are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to best suit your home. Bring rustic charm to your barn door with a hook and eye latch made with wrought iron. You can take maximum advantage of the versatility and style of a barn door by introducing a simple hook and eye lock.

Barrel Slide Blot:

Barrel slide blot remains a great option for spaces where security is the primary concern. Its simple mechanism allows you to safely lock your barn door with a key. In fact, barrel slide blots are available in various configurations. You can choose from a keyless or one that opens with a key or code to deliver both privacy and security. Generally, the lock includes a face plate with a cylindrical socket to catch the barrel slide. You can also use a padlock to secure it in place and operate it with the traditional lock and key method.

For the barrel slide blot, it is important to note that the face plate is mounted directly onto the door while the barrel is drilled into the door jamb or wall. For this reason, it is recommended to use a door frame to secure the sliding bolt. These locks can be used on the inside and outside, but not ideal for latching two doors together. A great advantage of a barrel slide blot remains that you can fasten the door towards each side of the wall to make the door safe and secure. Barrel slide blot with a lock and key mechanism remains one of the most convenient and secure options for locking a barn door.

Teardrop lock:

Another popular lock for fastening a barn door is a teardrop lock. These locks focus more on providing privacy and are ideal for spaces such as a bathroom, bedroom, or study. The lock includes slotted hardware that is fitted into the door jamb or wall. When locking, triangular or teardrop hardware will fall neatly into the slotted space to secure your barn door. Since the door can easily be fastened to the walls on each side, a teardrop lock remains an ideal choice for sliding barn doors.

It is important to note that teardrop locks can only be opened from one side. This makes the lock a great option for bathroom doors that are locked from the inside. Also, the lock focuses more on providing privacy and may not be the best option when security remains a major concern. While some are available with a locking system, generally a teardrop lock is a simple and convenient solution for lending privacy to any room.

Each locking system presents a simple and efficient way to lock a barn door. It is important to choose a lock that fulfills the need and preferences of each room. If you want to add a locking system for elevating the privacy of a space, then a hook and eye latch or teardrop lock remain an ideal solution. Hook and eye lock remain one of the simplest and easy ways to lock a barn door. If you want to fasten two doors together then this lock remains the best choice. On the other hand, a teardrop lock remains a great option for sliding barn doors. It could fasten the door on each end onto the wall. These doors remain an ideal choice for bathroom, bedroom, living room, or pantry doors.

If you want to add a locking system to improve the security of a space, then a barrel sliding blot is a perfect choice. Barrel sliding blot with a padlock can allow for a traditional lock and key method to secure your barn door. You can even opt for a sliding blot with a code to vouch for a secure locking system. Lastly, consider the style and finish of the lock. Choose finishes that can submerge with the door or add to its rustic appeal. Bring versatility, privacy, and unique style to your home with an efficiently operating barn door.