​7 Steps to Purchasing Swinging Saloon Doors

​7 Steps to Purchasing Swinging Saloon Doors

Posted by Amanda On 1st Jul 2022

7 Steps to Purchasing Custom Swinging Saloon Doors

Now that you decided on swinging doors, what is next?

  1. Design- What design is best for your application? People either match their current door design or pick a design that suits their personality or helps with the theme of the room. Either way, there are a ton of swinging saloon doors designs available in modern, western, traditional, contemporary, or classic designs.
  2. Wood Materials- The best wood material depends on the final finish for the doors- Painted or Stained. The best wood for painting is soft maple wood. If you are planning to stain the most popular wood for stain doors is red oak. Wooden saloon doors are strong and durable for both residential and commercial settings.
  3. Finished/Unfinished- Professionally stained or painted doors allow the doors to arrive ready to be installed. We strive to have a high-quality finish on all doors, since we are painting and staining wood there can be some small defects on the wood doors, however, the sustainability of wood is timeless.
  4. Door Dimensions- Custom-made saloon doors are made for your exact door opening. To ensure the best fit, measuring your door opening is essential. You need to take 3 measurements of your door opening width, one at the top, middle, and bottom. You will need to give us the smallest measurement to the nearest 1/16". Based on the hardware selection we build the doors to fit your overall door opening size. Shimming might be necessary if your three measurements are not equal. Saloon door heights can also be customized to allow for an overall custom door.
  5. Door Hardware- This is probably the most asked question on swinging doors. What hardware options are double acting…Standard grade gravity hinges, Premium grade gravity hinges, Commercial grade spring hinges, Commercial grade gravity hinges, and the Commercial grade horizontal spring pivot hinges. The most popular door hinges are the Commercial Grade Gravity Hinge and the Horizontal Spring Hinges. Learn about all the hardware features here.
  6. Lead Time on Custom Doors – The lead time will vary most on the door material selected. Lead time is listed on each listing near the title and directly before the review or sku. We do keep this updated and is accurate for lead time on doors.

  7. Shipping on Custom Doors- Custom doors are inspected and packaged. The doors will ship FedEx, UPS, or freight. It's quite common for doors and hardware to be packaged and shipped separately. Once your items have been shipped you will receive a tracking number for each item shipped. The hardware can arrive a day or two before the doors, but again tracking numbers are sent via email.

We look forward to building your custom saloon | swinging doors. If you have any additional questions regarding purchasing a custom door, please call us at 1-855-343-6677. We are happy to answer additional questions.