Lowes vs. Home Depot vs. Swinging Café Doors | Saloon Doors

Lowes vs. Home Depot vs. Swinging Café Doors | Saloon Doors

On 9th Nov 2021

Comparing Lowes Saloon Doors vs. Home Depot Saloon Doors vs Swinging Café Doors Saloon Doors

Lowes and Home Depot offer a wide variety of home improvement supplies, I am sure we have all shopped at one of these stores in the past 6 months. These big box stores are great for stock items, that are mass produced. Lowes and Home Depot are competitor with each other as well as and many other online retailers. Let us explain the difference of saloon doors from these big box stores and Swinging Café Doors.

Lowes, Home Depot, and Swinging Café Doors all offer a simple louvered style cafe door that can be installed in standard door openings. Lowes and Home Depot offer the same door design unfinished wood and with gravity brass hardware. Swinging Café Doors offers a simple louvered style doors (plus several additional stock doors that are exclusive designs”) that’s In-Stock, and ships same day or next day, directly from us. Swinging Café Doors is different than Lowes and Home Depot, because of the wide variety of stock doors, hardware options, and hardware finishes. Swinging Café Doors offers three in stock door designs, that are available unfinished, primed, or finishes. Another additional option that Swinging Café Doors also offers is a wide variety of hardware and finish options. The doors can be purchased with the standard gravity hinges or commercial grade hinges, both in 4 different finish options. Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer a wide variety of design and hardware options.

Swinging Café Doors carries in stock, three several designs of swinging doors meant for standard door opening sizes: 30”, 32”, and 36”. The Café | Saloon- Louvre Doors, Arch Top Farmhouse Saloon Doors, and Craftsman Beadboard Saloon Doors are all great options for a standard saloon style door. These doors are offered with several hardware options, and all will ship the same day or next day. The Farmhouse and Beadboard style doors are our exclusive designs and are only sold by Swinging Café Doors. Again, these doors are in-stock and ships quickly, just as quick as Amazon.

Lowes and Home Depot louvered saloon door design is a great choice, but if you are looking for different hardware option, such as finish and spring hinge option, and/or same day shipping- they don’t offer these options with their louvered doors.

Swinging Café Doors is a small business that specializes in double swinging and swing doors. Swinging Café Doors offers a wide variety of saloon doors options in stock and ready for quick shipping. At Swinging Café Doors, we offer expert advise on hardware, door material and design, and installation help. The stock saloon doors might not work for all applications, we do also recommend to measuring your door opening before purchasing any doors. You can ensure the best fit, if you measure and then select the best door opening size. Swinging Café Doors offers over 90 designs of saloon doors, most that can be customized for your door opening size. Saloon doors can be made from 8 wood species, and countless finished options. These custom saloon doors can be made from 24” wide to 72” wide and 38” tall to 95” tall. We are proud to offer our custom Made in USA saloon doors, quality product, and great customer service.

The designs of swinging saloon doors have changed drastically over the years.  Swinging Café Doors is proud to be a leader in new swinging door designs. We can provide personal service with a wide knowledge of double action spring and gravity hardware. Whether you are looking for swinging doors or double action hardware, Swinging Café Doors help your find the best solution for your application.